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Vietnamese Coffee is not a beverage but a culture in itself. Here, people know how to appreciate and drink coffee while making it an integral part of their lives. Traditionally, Vietnamese coffee is brewed in a phin filter, which brews coffee slowing in your cup directly. Coffees prepared through this method resemble thicker and more caffeinated espressos. People travel to Vietnam to experience their unique coffee culture while craving for the strong taste of Vietnamese coffee at the same time.

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Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnam shares a rich history when it comes to coffee production. It is one of the most important countries implicated in coffee cultivation. Today, Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer after Brazil in the world. However, most people are not aware of this interesting fact.

The French colonists introduced coffee to Vietnam during the 18th century. They influenced Vietnamese coffee to be made usually as a French or dark roast. But now, coffee has become truly Vietnamese in every sense. The production of Vietnamese coffee boomed following economic and political reforms in the 1990s.

In Vietnam, there are various unique varieties and species of coffee are brewed. These coffee varieties include Arabica, Robusta, Catimor, Excelsa, Liberica, and others. The coffee production in Vietnam usually comprises Robusta beans, which are more bitter and strong in taste as compared to Arabica. In addition to it, Robusta coffees have a more rough texture.

Despite all these, Vietnamese know how to gyrate their disadvantage in a striking way. As a result of this, people love Vietnamese coffee and crave for more. This coffee has a unique kind of roast, which is quite different from what Westerners call it. It originated from French, although it tastes more striking than that.

Vietnamese roasts are particularly dark and roasted really slow so as to make sure they give a thick aroma with no burnt. Undoubtedly, these coffees are definitely the strongest, thickest, and smokiest that you have ever drunk.

What makes Vietnamese coffee so unique?

Vietnamese coffees are unique and special because of various reasons. Here, let’s talk about some of these reasons!


The landscape of the Annamite plateau is quite complex, which helps to create microclimates. Due to this reason, farmers can exploit diverse varieties and species of coffee beans. As you know, there are two basic coffee approaches, which include the single origin and multi-origin blends. With so many varieties, blended coffee seems natural here. That’s the reason; the general populace goes for Vietnamese blends rather than single-origin Arabicas.

Unique Roasting Process

In Vietnam, the roasting process plays a vital role for generating premium quality coffee. For roasting, a slow and long roasting process at a low temperature is preferred. The French or dark roast originated as a slow roasting, where beans have consistent color all throughout with no burning or bubbling.

It is the reason that Vietnamese coffees are unique. Most of the people associate dark or French roast with burning coffee, which takes place at some coffee houses. This burning of coffee results in the breakdown of oils and sugars while leads to fermenting once exposed to the air due to fast oxidation. It is not the case with Vietnamese coffees as these roasts are more stable.

On the other hand, coffee beans are usually roasted in butter oil. In traditional roasting style, a caramel-like coating is created using sugar and oil in smaller amounts with a tinge of cocoa or vanilla. This is done because robusta beans ripe really slow on the bush and growers pick a few unripe beans along with ripe ones. This roasting method offers a perfect equal finish to beans. As a matter of fact, a few unripe beans do not hurt the taste of the blend.

In modern times, growers do not pick unripe coffee beans to ensure coffee quality. That’s why; they do not opt for this coating in their roasting profile. Although, they use a little oil to make it easier for beans to turn in the slow roasting process.

Exclusive Brewing Techniques

Vietnamese style for brewing is not just unique to Vietnam. Today, this coffee style is also popular in other regions like Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. It includes a low-tech process, where a simple metal filter is used. This filter is more commonly known as phin, which was originated in Cambodia. All you need to do is to just add hot water onto this single-serving brewer and filter.

In Vietnam, people like to brew their coffees in single-servings at home or while sitting in cafés leisurely. People make use of this phin metal filter to make a perfect glass of iced coffee.

The metal filter’s grind works exactly the same as a French press for brewing coffees. The only difference is that French press brews 3-6 coffee cups at a time and slightly differs in taste as compared to the phin filter. However, the French press confines the essence of coffees way better than electric brewers.

How to enjoy Vietnamese coffee?

One can enjoy a cup of Vietnamese coffee in a lot of different ways. If you want to have it in different ways, check out our list as given below.

  • Proper black
  • Black coffee with ice
  • Add sweetened condensed milk to espresso
  • Add ice and sweetened condensed milk to black coffee

There is another interesting way to drink Vietnamese coffee in a Vietnamese style. You can do this by adding eggs to your coffee. For this, you need to beat some egg yolks with sweetened condensed milk. Make a light froth and then, top this froth on your black coffee. It will deliver a sweet and smooth textured experience. Undoubtedly, it would be something out of this world.

Each of this style has a unique flavor of itself. Try them out one by one to reach your perfect cup of Vietnamese cup. Do not crave anymore and try specialty coffee from Vietnam to take your passion for coffee to the next level.

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