Coffee might be that regular part of your routine which you cannot do without. But you will be amazed at the secrets it hides. You might be familiar with the insane amount of coffee that people consume every day around the world. However, we are sure that some crazy facts missed your Hawkeye too. Want to know them? We are ready to shoot so here you go:

Was Coffee Discovered By A Goat Herder?

Legends say that the coffee berry, as we know it, was first founded by a goat herder by accident. This happened when he found out that his goats were super active after consuming the berries from a particular tree. He took his discovery to an abbot who later concocted a drink out of it. The abbot stayed up with energy through his evening prayers that went on for long. Later monks started consuming this drink and got the word around. Now you know that you are closer to a monk than you think!

Small Farmers Contribute About 80%

Your coffee might have the labels of big companies but small farmers are the hardworking hands behind most of the coffee in the world. An approximate number of 25 million farmers produce the finest coffee in the world in the most organic of ways.

There Exists a Coffee Fruit

Nothing about coffee beans might tell you that they actually come from a lush fruit. The coffee berry has to undergo a long process before it can evolve into those beautiful aromatic beans. 95% of the coffee fruits in the world have two beans inside one single cherry. The coffee cherries that have one bean inside are known as peaberries. They are not that commonly found but they excel in taste and aroma. If you like your coffee sweet, you might want to go for peaberry coffee that is procured from peaberries.

Most Expensive Coffee

Cat poop coffee! Ever heard of this? As disgusting as it might sound, do not be amazed when we tell you that it is the most expensive coffee in the world. The production process is really interesting. Normal coffee beans are taken and fed to civets. Indonesia is the native place for civets which are cat-like animals.

The feces of civets are then procured by farmers. It goes through a process of washing, drying, sorting, and then the roasting happens. The digestion process inside a civet dissolves the cherry and its pulp, keeping the bean intact. The resulting coffee is known as kopi luwak which is expensive because of its lengthy production process and its fermented flavor.

With you being a part of the ever-growing coffee culture, what can be cooler than you know these crazy facts about coffee? The next time you are having a get together over coffee at your place, you can just casually bring in the cool knowledge you have gathered in this article. We can assure you that a few exclamations and praises are guaranteed.