If you want to drink the best cup of coffee every day, you need to buy high-quality coffee beans and store them properly in order to maximize the flavor and freshness of your coffee. We’ve listed some points that you must keep in mind while storing your coffee.


Store in an airtight canister and at a cool place

You must store your coffee beans in an airtight jar and at a cool location since the biggest enemies of coffee beans are light, heat, moisture, and air. If you want to preserve the fresh roasted flavor of your coffee beans for a long time, you must store them in an air-tight and opaque canister at room temperature. Even though coffee beans look beautiful, you must avoid keeping them in clear containers since light can change your coffee’s taste.

Moreover, you must keep the coffee container in a cool and dark place. You should avoid keeping your coffee in a cabinet close to the oven since it’s often too warm as well as on the kitchen counter that is exposed to strong afternoon sun. The retail packaging of coffee is usually not ideal for storing coffee for a long time. Therefore, you must buy storage containers that have an airtight seal in order to store your coffee.


Buy an appropriate amount of coffee

You must know that coffee immediately loses its freshness after roasting. Therefore, you must often purchase small batches of freshly roasted coffee that can last you for one to two weeks. As mentioned above, the air is one of the biggest enemies for coffee beans.

So, if you keep your coffee beans in an attractive container in an accessible place, it’s better that you segregate your coffee supply into many small portions and keep the bigger, unused part in an air-tight canister.

This becomes more crucial when you buy pre-ground coffee since it’s more exposed to oxygen. And, if you purchase whole coffee beans, then you can grind the amount of coffee you need right before you brew your coffee.


Whether or not to freeze your coffee beans

In order to get a great cup of coffee, it’s important that your coffee is fresh. Experts say that coffee must be consumed quickly after it has been roasted, particularly once you break the original package seal of the coffee.

There have been different views on whether coffee can be refrigerated or frozen. However, one thing is clear that coffee absorbs tastes, odors, and moisture from its surrounding air because it’s hygroscopic. A lot of home storage canisters allow some amount of oxygen, which in turn lead to freezer burn in food that is stored in the freezer for a long time.

Thus, if you freeze or refrigerate your coffee beans, make sure you make use of an airtight container. Moreover, you should quickly take out the amount of coffee you need for a week from the container in one go and keep the remaining back into the freezer before condensation forms on the frozen coffee. You must note that freezing coffee beans doesn’t modify the basic brewing procedure.


So, this is the best way to store your coffee. Store the appropriate amount of coffee in an airtight coffee canister and at a cool place. And, if you want to freeze your coffee beans, make sure you do that with caution.