A lot of people love tea. In fact, tea is the most consumed brews around the world after water. More than 2 million cups of tea are consumed on a daily basis all over the world. In the United States, tea takes up more than 90% of all beverages consumed each year.

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Tea and Why We Love It

The compelling story of Tea

Tea is quite popular worldwide. It’s made by pouring cold or hot water over bags of tea leaves. Tea was discovered in China in the early 59BC. Since then, it has spread to different parts of the world. Tea is mainly made from leaves, which are called Camellia Sinensis. Tea that’s made from other leaves besides Camellia Sinensis is called herbal tea.

Tea can be prepared using different methods globally. These include the traditional, classical, and modern methods, using which you can make different types of teas. Moreover, different kinds of teas have originated from distinct nations, such as iced tea emerged from America, black tea came from England, etc.

Best teas worldwide

Tea is loved by many people around the world. A healthy breakfast generally includes tea in it. So, if you want to buy tea for yourself or for someone else, look no further. We can help you in your endeavor by listing the top teas available on the market. You can take a cue from this list and then decide for yourself as to which tea you’d want to buy.

Taylor of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety

This is one of the best tea gift boxes that you can give to someone. One pack of Taylor tea comprises 48 tea counts. This tea comes in various tasty options, which includes an assortment of classic specialty teas. These include English Breakfast, Decaffeinated Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lemon & Orange, Green Tea with Jasmine, Pure Assam, Organic Chamomile, and Organic Peppermint.

Every tea bag is individually packed and tagged with their own unique qualities. This includes Rich and Bright, Strong and Malty, Elegant and fragrant, Fresh and Vibrant, Bright and Refreshing, Fresh and floral, Zesty and Vibrant, and Gentle and Soothing.

Each variety pack contains six tea bags of every variety. Every tea fan can savor this tea since it has every type of tea for everyone, including green teas, black teas, fusion teas, and Earl Grey. You can enjoy every tea variety as a standalone beverage or pair it up with biscuits or some sweets.

This independent family coffee firm and tea firm is from Harrogate, Yorkshire. The company is totally dedicated to providing extraordinary flavors in its wide range of teas.

Stash Tea

Stash tea is a fruity and herbal tea that comprises many amazing flavors. One pack of Stash tea consists of 116 tea bags, which are packaged in six boxes with every box containing 18 to 20 tea bags. These include wild raspberry hibiscus, mango passionfruit, Meyer lemon, lemon ginger, strawberry pomegranate, and Acai berry. All Stash teas don’t contain caffeine, which means they can deliver all the nutritional elements to your body. Stash tea is produced using natural ingredients, which makes it a high-quality herbal tea.

Twining of London Herbal and Decaf Sampler

Twining tea comes in an assortment of 40 tea counts. This high-quality tea has a great flavor and is produced using premium tea leaves. Moreover, you can easily brew Twining tea within no time. It comes in 20 distinct flavors that you’ll surely love. Some of these include vanilla, ginger, lemon delight, Chai, buttermint, green nightly calm, berry fusion, and many more.

Twinings tea is made from numerous organic ingredients, such as pomegranates, raspberry, orange, cinnamon spice, and wild berries. Additionally, it comprises of the famous lady grey decaf and English breakfast options as well.

Snack Chest Stash Tea, Mixed Tea, and More Tea Variety Assortment Sampler

This tea contains 90 tea bags with different flavors. These include chai white tea, decaf tea, vanilla nut crème, black forest black tea, vanilla chai decaf tea, acai berry caffeine-free herbal tea, super mint caffeine free herbal tea, etc. You can choose any of these Snack teas as per your taste. You’ll certainly love the various flavors of Snack tea.

Heavenly Tea Leaves Tea Sampler

This tea contains nine different flavor packs. These include Rose black tea, Rooibos tea, Peppermint tea, Sleep tea, Genmaicha tea, Assam tea, Jasmine green tea, Chamomile, and Mangoberry White tea. Every tin of Heavenly tea can serve a maximum of 10 cups. Through these samplers, you can easily try Heavenly tea.

All these Heavenly tea flavors are packaged and delivered in eco-friendly gift boxes. Even though the tea might be different during delivery at times because of the different seasons, you must rest assured that you’ll get only the best Heavenly tea samplers with a wonderful tea experience.

Vahdam Assorted Loose Leaf Tea

This tea is offered in 10 distinct tea sampler packets, which can serve up to 50 cups. Some of these teas include White tea, Chai tea, Oolong tea, green tea, and black tea. Vahdam Assorted leaf tea is one of the top-selling teas around the world. It’s made from all natural ingredients, which are freshly collected from the garden. Vahdam tea comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, which means it can enhance your overall tea experience.

Where can you buy the best teas?

High-quality teas are loved by everyone, particularly tea lovers. However, it becomes quite difficult to find premium quality teas on the market with so many options out there. If you’re a tea lover, it becomes more crucial for you to find the best tea for yourself. But, this would take you some time and hard work.

There are a lot of online retailers that sell the best quality teas. Make sure the tea you buy is of the best quality as well as not much pricey. CoffeeAndy is one such online retailer that sells premium quality teas to its customers, which makes it easy for people like you to find the top quality tea for yourself. So, get started and head up to our lists to get the best teas!

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