Sulawesi Coffee – Celebes Coffee

Sulawesi coffee is the crown jewel of Indonesia. This is because some coffees from South Sulawesi is grown at altitudes like 2,000 meters. This coffee is best known all over the world for its smooth finish, moderate acidity, and silky body. The flavors are warm and spicy, with hints of black pepper, cardamom, and cinnamon.

Top Sulawesi Coffees

Sulawesi Coffee

Sulawesi Coffee

The most distinguished Sulawesi coffee is the Toraja, or also known as the Celebes coffee. It is a multi-dimensional coffee that is grown in the south-eastern highlands. It has a full-bodied richness and an expansive flavor. The well-balanced taste also has undertones of dark chocolate and ripe fruit.

Sulawesi is low-toned and yet has a very vibrant acidity. When compared to Sumatran coffees, it is slightly more acidic and has a lesser body, but more earthy than Java Arabica. While some find this unappetizing, it is a quintessential aspect of the coffee’s makeup. The light body, when combined with low acidity, results in a drink that has a creamy and deep flavor and texture.

History of Sulawesi Coffee

VOC (VerenigingOogst-Indies Company) brought Arabica coffee beans to the world in 1699, when Indonesia was under the Dutch colony. This was done to break the Arab monopoly in the coffee trade. Soon, more coffee plantations were established in parts of Sulawesi, and Sumatera. By the end of 1750, VOC set its first coffee plantation is Sulawesi and the surrounding regions. Soon, the Dutch colonists established a large number of coffee plantations all over the island country.

Why Sulawesi Coffee?

One cup of this coffee is pleasantly brooding and deep. You will experience a rustic sweetness coupled with muted fruit notes. It is recommended that a dark roast is used to amplify the sweet flavors of the Sulawesi. It is also a highly-rated coffee that is normally advised to not be fused into different blends. However, you can choose to experiment with different blends for more unique flavors.

In terms of flavor, the Sulawesi coffee is beautifully balanced and has no single overpowering flavor that takes too much prominence. When you drink the Sulawesi coffee, you will experience notes of sweet spices, mushrooms, dark chocolate, and ripe fruit.

Sulawesi farming regions

The Sulawesi coffee is grown in the high-altitudes of Sulawesi Island. It was formerly known as Celebes during the Dutch colonial times and is located in the middle of the Malay archipelago of Indonesia. The area where the coffee is grown is situated in the south-eastern highlands. Today, the coffee growing area has expanded and is also produced in places like Utara, Gowa and SIngal, Enrekang, and Mamasa.

The rich volcanic soil of the region makes it perfect for growing coffee. The temperatures in the highlands can drop to about 20°C, thereby creating a damp and misty jungle environment while the hot moist air cools down as it heads inland.

Overall, the region is relatively new to the coffee growing scene. But the coffee beans from the region has a smoother body and a subtle flavor difference than other Indonesian coffee.

The green coffee processing

The processing of the Sulawesi coffee is typically done by the wet-hull method. This process produces green coffee beans that are free of chaff and milled, but not yet roasted. It has a distinct dark tint. Even though it might lead to uneven roasting at times, the semi-dry processing will have a significant effect on the taste and characteristics of the coffee once brewed.

Sometimes, coffee processing also creates a musty and hard taste. On other times, you will find a strong earthiness, which is either admired or disliked by people.

Food pairings

The Sulawesi coffee is a very tricky coffee to consume with certain food dishes because its overwhelming creaminess does not always pair well with some types of food items. When you are looking for something that will pair well with the Sulawesi coffee, it is recommended that you avoid rich food. This is because it can result in a very overpowering taste sensation when combined with rich coffee.

A simple combination of freshly-brewed Sulawesi coffee and dark fruit-infused chocolate is a great treat for your taste buds. Likewise, a spiced apple pie or fruit cake will pair well with the coffee as well.

If you are looking to taste the herbal notes of the coffee, you can pair the Sulawesi with a curry of herb or garlic chicken.

Best Sulawesi Coffee

Lavanta Coffee Roasters Sulawesi Toraja ‘White Eagle’

This coffee offers a complex flavor that includes hints of cinnamon, dark chocolate and fruit. The acidity in this coffee is minimal and a rustic sweetness will capture your senses. The spice and the chocolate can be tasted in the last, which is a great way to finish the coffee. There are a lot of different aspects that can be enjoyed in this coffee cup; you will not get bored with this coffee anytime soon.

Lola Savannah Celebes Kalossi Whole Bean

This is a dark roast coffee and can be taken as a prime example of the variety and quality of coffee that comes out of the Sulawesi region. This coffee embodies everything that Indonesia is known for. You will taste fine hints of earthy berries. It also has low acidity and has a very rustic sweetness in the background. If you love dark roasts, then this coffee should definitely be on your to-do list.

Green Unroasted Indonesia Sulawesi Kalossi

This coffee originates from the rich growing soils of the Sulawesi and has a rich and earthy flavor. It has a full and heavy body with subtle hints of berries and finished with a tangy flavor. The acidity level is low on this coffee and will maintain it all the way to the French level. If you have a taste for coffee that is smooth and bold in equal measure, then this coffee is perfect for you.

Sulawesi is one of the top five coffee growing countries in the world. The coffee from this region has been captivating drinkers for many decades. It is also one of the finest coffee beans that you can use for brewing if you manage to find them here.

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