Peru Coffees


Peru Coffees have a mellow, sweet, and smooth taste. These coffees come out best when they’re medium roasted. Peru coffees have a full body, light acidity, composite, and live sparkling finish. These coffee beans have smoky and floral overtones with a clean and bright aromatic finish. Peru coffees are organically grown.

Best Peruvian Coffees

Peru Coffees

Peru Coffee

Peru coffee is generally overcome by coffees of other South American nations. Coffee was first introduced in Peru in the 18th century. The most produced coffee type in Peru is the typica variety. However, Peru lacks modern processing techniques and infrastructure, which obstructed the production of coffee in Peru in the 20th century. Nevertheless, the government has taken steps to develop the coffee industry in the country, which has kept it going in the right direction. Peru ranks at the 5th position globally as the organic coffee exporter.

Flavor and aroma of Peru Coffee

Peru coffee is one of the topmost flavored coffees all over the world with its rich taste and aroma. It has a mild acid taste, light body, and mellow, pleasant aroma. The best Peru coffee beans have a nice mild aroma.

Production of Peru Coffee

Most of the coffee in Peru is grown organically and naturally. This is generally because farmers in Peru can’t afford chemical farming products like pesticides and fertilizers. Peru coffee is certified as organic coffee.

Coffee cooperatives in Peru

The ethical certification of Peru coffee as fair trade and organic coffee is largely owing to the increasing coffee farmer cooperatives in the nation. This has helped small scale coffee farmers to receive better prices for their coffee beans and thus sell them at fair rates. These units comprise nearly one-fourth of the total farmers in the country.


Amongst others, one of the initiatives taken by coffee cooperatives in Peru is to aid farmers by providing them training and encouraging them to use modern coffee production techniques. These include advanced coffee processing and harvesting methods, which can improve the yields and quality of Peruvian coffee beans.

Coffee producing regions in Peru

Peru coffees are offered in different varieties and qualities, including mild quality, bulk, bright, high-quality, and vibrant. This depends on the type of plant and region where coffee is produced in Peru. Most of the Peruvian coffee is produced in high altitudes and tropical climate in rich volcanic soils, all of which are ideal coffee-producing conditions. This is why Peruvian coffee is organic and high in quality. The prime coffees produced in Peru with their respective growing regions are as follows:

Urubamba Coffee

Urubamba is a promotional name given to the coffee beans produced in the southern regions of Peru. The primary locations where Urubamba coffee is grown in Peru are Cusco and Machu Picchu. These coffee beans are produced in the sacred valleys of Peru. They are processed using the washing technique. Urubamba coffee beans are generally smooth in taste with a pleasant aroma.

Chanchamayo Coffee

As the name suggests, Chanchamayo coffee is produced in the Chanchamayo valley in Peru. It’s one of the best Peruvian coffees. This Peruvian coffee is produced next to the Andes Mountain, which has rich volcanic soils and high altitudes.


Chanchamayo coffee beans are processed using the wet technique. They have a light to medium body with mild and bright acidity. This type of Peruvian coffee is organic and high grown. Chanchamayo coffee has a unique, soft, and more refined flavor. It has a rich chocolaty taste with nutty hints. Generally, Chanchamayo coffee is sweet with hints of citrus and a bright, well-balanced taste.

High-quality Peru Coffees

Capis Coffee

Capis coffee is grown by harvesting coffee beans that are not digested from the coati’s feces. North Americans will surely know about this! This method is quite similar to high-grade coffees such as the black ivory. This is a costly coffee, which is why only people who really love coffee and can afford it consume this coffee.

Quechua Coffee

Quechua coffee is one of the best and most wanted Peruvian coffees. It is grown in the remote Puno region of Peru. This world-famous coffee has also won an award of Best Quality Coffee at the Specialty Coffee Expo 2018, which took place in Seattle in the United States of America. However, most coffee farmers are not producing coffee in Peru since it has been unprofitable, though the region grows the best coffee beans.

Roasting Peru Coffee

Since Peru coffee doesn’t have a strong acid content or flavor, it can be blended well with other coffees. This is because Peruvian coffees don’t conceal the taste of other coffees. Peru coffee beans are well roasted as dark roast or medium roast.


Owing to the subtle nature of Peruvian coffee beans, they can withstand the dark roasting technique without losing their original flavor and sweetness. Dark roasted Peru coffee is the best since it highlights the neutral and aromatic qualities of this coffee with fruity notes.

Brewing Peru Coffee

Peruvian coffee beans have high flavors that are put in by drip brewing and filtering. These coffee beans are great for both milk and cream additions.

Automatic dripping

Peru coffee beans are best when filtered since they have a medium body and a bright, mild acid content. A great cup of Peru coffee is freshly grounded and roasted while using this brewing technique. Paper filters bring out the best aroma and flavor of Peruvian coffee.

Problems faced in the production of Peru Coffee

Peru coffee is grown in a lot of quantity and is of high-quality. Nearly there are 100,000 farmers in Peru and the majority of them produce coffee organically and traditionally under the shade. Almost all Peru coffee is high grown and comprises high-grade Arabica coffee beans.


24% of the total Peru coffee exports is to America, which is also the main importer of Peruvian coffee. The increase in the number of coffee farmer cooperatives in Peru has facilitated the promotion of fair trade in the production of coffee, along with the promotion of organically grown coffee beans.


In 2014, Peru faced the epidemic of leaf rust, which affected nearly half of the overall production of coffee in the country. Small scale farmers in Peru now use the wet processing method with high-quality, automatic systems to grow coffee in the nation. This has helped in improving the quality of Peruvian coffee.

Where to buy Peru Coffee

You can purchase Peruvian coffee from Amazon in blended and single origin varieties. You can also buy Peru coffee on Volcanica Coffee. Peruvian coffee is medium roasted when you place your order.

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