Peaberry Coffee

Also known as the carvacrol/caracole, peaberry means snail in Spanish. It is a natural type of mutation that occurs in coffees and offers fantastic flavors. One cherry contains a single peaberry bean, which is round in shape. In most of the cases, a single coffee cherry contains two coffee beans. They are flat at the sides when spilt in half, both identical to each other. However, 5% of the coffee beans turn out to be peaberry coffees beans. The cherry does not look like peanut halves but rounded.

This bean has a rich flavor. It is also very rare, thereby expensive as well. While most coffee fans believe the bean is much sweeter and flavored, there are a set of people that believe that there is no difference, whatsoever.

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Peaberry Coffee

How do you select peaberry coffee?

It is not possible to know the difference between a regular coffee bean and a peaberry just by looking at the coffee cherry. Producers who sell this type of coffee hand-pick them during harvesting and then go through the processing.

Coffee farmers do the processing part by themselves in their farms and separate the cherry from the bean by hand. But sadly, a significant number of peaberry coffee cannot get identified by the farmers and are sold as normal coffee beans for roasting. In other occasions, some farmers separate the peaberry from the rest and sell them as premium products. A few reasons why peaberry is so expensive are that they have a rich and great taste, scarce and a lot of work is involved during the production process.

How are the peaberry beans developed?

Peaberry is found in a single cherry since it is not competing for space with any other bean. It grows round and oval in shape and has a smooth edge. The bean then develops into a smaller bean, unlike the usual two beans in a single cherry. After roasting, these beans become elongated in appearance.

Some people think that the peaberry is a crop variety while others assume that it is a genetic defect that leads to underdevelopment of two beans. But, this is all a natural process and quite normal. Also, peaberry beans are of premium quality.

Why does a peaberry develop?

Most people state that the peaberry bean is the result of the failure of endosperm or ovule being fertilized. But the reasons might differ. Some factors that contribute to the formation of the peaberry bean are a genetic defect, lack of pollination, or environmental conditions. This bean is most common in plants that thrive in harsh conditions like windy area, in which it is more difficult for the flower stigma to reach the coffee for fertilization.

Why is peaberry so special?

A peaberry is considered special because it extracts all the flavors and nutrients that was supposed to be shared between two beans. Hence, it is more flavorful and rich. Some would also say that the peaberry has a juicier, sweeter and brighter flavor than other coffee beans.

Because the peaberry is round, roasting becomes uniform. This results in a well-developed flavor profile. Peaberry has an assured quality because it is picked by hand.

How is peaberry roasted?

Because peaberry is smaller in size than the usual coffee beans, it has to be roasted differently. Some things to remember are:

  1. Make use of a large roasting chamber, like a drum roaster. You need to seek out the correct size because you need to know how many beans will be lost in the roasting process. This is one of the reasons why roasting peaberry coffee is so difficult.
  2. Since the beans are rounded and small, they tend to burn out much faster than a regular coffee bean. Hence, you will need to mind the temperatures.
  3. Because the peaberry gets roasted very fast, you will also have to reduce the total roasting time.
  4. It is recommended that you make use of the sprouted bet technique for roasting the small peaberry coffee beans.
  5. You need to carefully supervise the roasting process since hearing the pop sound might prove to be more difficult in the peaberry bean. If you do not hear the pop sound and stop the roasting, the coffee bean might get burnt.
  6. The beans produce a lot of chaff, which can be hard to deal with especially when you are using the drum method. In this case, you can opt for the air roasting method to separate the chaff from the coffee into another chamber.
  7. Several coffee experts argue that it is quite challenging to roast peaberry coffee as compared to a normal coffee bean. Attention to detail is needed owing to the shape and size of the coffee bean.
  8. A slow and steady work of line is required to make sure that the consistency of the coffee bean remains and all the flavors are extracted well. The simple fact that a lot of care is taken to bring out the flavors of the peaberry just adds to the price of the coffee as well as respect for the coffee brewers.

Shopping for the best peaberry

For coffee lovers, coffee is a special drink and needs to be pleasant to taste with a lot of different flavors. Since the peaberry has a lot of different full-bodied flavors, it is worth your time and money.

The Tanzanian Peaberry is one of the most sought-after beans in the world. Apart from this, you can also opt for the Hawaii Kona Peaberry. Both these peaberry varieties are the best in the world.

How to enjoy your peaberry coffee

Purchase peaberry whole coffee bean

The first step to enjoying a good cup of coffee is to purchase freshly ground coffee for brewing. While the peaberry might be on the costly side, it will definitely be worth it. A lot of time and effort have been put in extracting the best peaberry bean. So instead of pre-ground coffee, go for the peaberry beans.

Give the beans the respect they deserve when you are brewing them

Apart from having an expensive production cost, the peaberry is selected and picked by hand. Hence, you end up with only the best batch of peaberry beans. Make sure you do not heat the water too much. Hot water will remove the delicate flavor of the bean. Brew only what you will be consuming at that time.

Be choosy on the roasting method

If you love fruity and floral flavors, you can light or medium-roast your peaberry beans. A dark roast will mask the natural bean flavor and replace them with a dark flavor. Hence, you need to be choosy when you are roasting your peaberry coffee beans. Do it according to your own preferences.


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