Mexican Coffee

In the year 2009, Mexico ranked 8th in terms of coffee production in the world, 252,000 metric tonnes of coffee were being produced at that time with the southern and the central parts producing the maximum amounts of coffee.

The coffee type is Arabica or Coffee Arabia, the quality of which is great in Chiapas, the coastal areas of Soconusco, and, the Guatemalan border. With a rich history of coffee, Mexican coffee is definitely one of the best in the world today. Know more about this coffee as you read this article.

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Mexican Coffee

History of Mexican Coffee

Towards the culmination of the 18th century, coffee was brought to Mexico from the Antilles, to a state called Veracruz. In the year 1954, the price of coffee significantly increased and this was the reason that the production of coffee was shifted to Mexico. This helped because the cost of production went down. Chiapas was the central place for the production of Mexican coffee where it was introduced in the 19th century.

In the initial phase of 1980s, coffee plantation significantly increased in Mexico, thereby spreading to more than 12 states. But it was not until 1870s that coffee started getting exported to other parts of the world from Mexico. Around the 1980s, coffee was recorded to be the most expensive crop of Mexico to be exported. In today’s date, Mexican coffee comes at the top when we look at the imports of coffee in the U.S.

Types of coffee beans used in Mexican Coffee

While most other types of coffee produced in major coffee producing areas come from Arabica, Mexican coffee has other options as well. Mexican coffee is produced from a wide variety of beans. We chose some of the choicest ones like Pluma Coixtepec, Altura, Liquidambar MS, etc.

Features of Mexican Coffee

In an Oaxaca or a Chiapas type of Mexican Coffee, you will find that the flavor verges towards mild rather than strong. The body is moderate with a hint of dryness but it is agreeable. The acidic quality is just the right amount that will give you a rush. At times, you might also find the flavor a bit nutty. However, the features will slightly differ from one region in Mexico to another. But when clubbed together under the term Mexican coffee, these features are the ones that stand out.

We won’t so far as to claim that this is the best coffee in the world. But if you are someone who likes their coffee a bit mild then we can assure you that you love Mexican Coffee. When you are making a purchase, remember to buy freshly grounded coffee as that retains that flavor in its entirety. The older the coffee gets, the lesser the flavor gets.

So, for instance, regular coffee-based drinks or types of coffees are not that strong. Mexican Coffee comes in really handy for preparing such coffees. For anyone making a flavored coffee, Mexican coffee is the best choice because its flavor does not subdue all the other flavors in a coffee.

Support for production of Mexican Coffee

An organization named INMECAFE was founded to assist the production of coffee in Mexico. Farmers who are not very well off were helped by this organization which provided them with infrastructure, capital, introducing the produce to the market, etc. The organization also come into collaboration with ICA so that Mexican coffee can be sold internationally.

In between the year 1973 to 1990, Mexican coffee production got a boost with INMECAFE and coffee that was produced in the rural areas proliferated, with a growth of even up to 900% in few areas. Oaxaca and Chiapas are some of the areas where the highest quality Mexican Coffee is produced.

Regions growing Mexican coffee

The coffee grown in Mexico is segregated in terms of the altitude they are grown at. A large part of the coffee that is grown in Mexico is used for dark, roasted coffees or for blended coffees. Mostly, the south of Mexico produces a lot of coffee when geographically, the continent narrows down a bit.

Varieties of coffee plants of Mexican Coffee

Caturra, Bourbon, Mundi Novi, and Maragogype are the most famous types of plants from which coffee is extracted in Mexico. The rich coffee that is extracted, is handpicked and expertly processed to be then delivered in different sectors.

Types of Mexican Coffee

Three varieties of coffee come to our mind when we talk about the best of Mexican coffee. Here they are:

Veracruz Coffee

The mountain rage lying in the center of Mexico has gulfs on either side where the Veracruz State lies. Here a lot of Mexican Coffee is grown. A hilly area lies in this state where the renowned Altura Coatepec coffee is grown which is remarkable for its moderate body, a flavor that is nutty, and tones of chocolate. Veracruz is also known for production of other popular coffee variants like Altura Orizaba, and Altura Huatusco.

Chiapas Coffee

Chiapas is a state that is situated in the southern part of Mexico. The notable features of Chiapas Coffee are its bright and gentle flavor, an acidic flavor with a punch, and a body that ranges from medium to light. The climate of this region is quite warm and tropical in nature. This makes up a great condition for the nurturing of good quality coffee.

Oaxaca Coffee

The central mountains of Mexico have a sloping region in its southern part where the state called Oaxaca is located. The coffee named after the state is Oaxaca Pluma Coffee and represents on of the best variants of Mexican coffee. This can be distinguished for its acidic flavor and a mild body.

These days, it is quite easy to get great Mexican Coffee online. A lot of online sites offer freshly grounded Mexican coffee and all you have to do is just place an order. They will drop your bag of coffee right at your doorstep and you can enjoy the goodness of the hills of Mexico in the comfort of your home.





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