Medium Roast Coffee

If you are a coffee enthusiast then you need to know all about coffee roasts. There are mainly three different kinds of roasts in coffee, namely, light roast coffee, medium roast coffee and, dark roast coffee. Depending on various factors, people vary in their preference when it comes to choosing their favorite coffee roast. 

Top Medium Roast Coffees

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  • COMPARE WITH: Eight O'clock, Vitascope, illy, Folgers, Organic Coffee Co., Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Koffee Kult, Copper Moon, Community Coffee, Kauai Coffee, Kicking Horse Coffee, Ethical Bean Coffee, Don Tomas Coffee, Caza Trail Coffee, Hygge Coffee Co.

Medium Roast Coffee

Definition of Medium Roast Coffee

Medium Roast coffee will be of a brown color and have a robust body which is more than the light roasted coffee but less than dark roasted coffee. The flavor can be called to be nutty. More popularly medium roast coffee is called city roast coffee or American coffee.

Characteristics of Medium Roast Coffee

Medium Roast coffee, like any other type of coffee, has its own distinctive features that are different from others. One of such qualities is its color which is brown and is definitely darker than light roast coffee. What is lovely about this coffee is that it is perfect for people who are looking for a meddle ground between light roast coffee and dark roast coffee. So, it has the gentle, sweet, fruity, and floral flavors like light roast coffee. And it also has the nutty and chocolatey flavors like dark roast coffee.

Medium roast coffee also has a body that is balanced. The acidity is also neither a lot or less. If you roast the coffee for longer durations, then the middlec qualities will dwindle and will be replaced by the roasting flavor. It will have a stronger aroma and taste. The coffee beans of Medium Roast Coffee have a density and is not easily breakable, at least not as much as light roast coffee.

The coffee beans have a smooth texture as compared to Light Roast Coffee and have a slight shine as well. The oiliness is less and the color is also milder when we compare Medium Roast Coffee with Dark Roast Coffee.

How does Medium roast coffee roasting happen?

When the first cracks happen in a coffee bean, it means that the size of it increases. This happens because of pressure created by vapor and releasing of CO2. This is a crucial stage where the beans mature their own flavor just like brown sugar. The taste that develops is nutty, with hints of vanilla and butter.

The best thing about Medium Roast Coffee is that it retains the organic qualities of Light Roast coffee, combined with the vitality of Dark Roast Coffee. Medium Roast Coffee is full bodied but also comes with a hint of sweetness. This needs more roasting to be done than we would normally do with Light Roast Coffee.

Understand the Flavor

The acidity component is vital in coffee and Medium Roast Coffee has lower acidity than Light Roast Coffee. The more the coffee is roasted, the lesser the acidity gets, and this is why Medium Roasts have lesser acidity levels. Although the intrinsic flavors of coffee are retained in Medium Roast Coffee, but its lesser when seen alongside Light Roast Coffee.

The coffee, if brewed fresh, will have a long-lasting aroma. The bitterness of Medium Roast Coffee beans is not very strong and the body is full. This makes it quite a favorite in the UK where people love to have coffee with milk, accentuating the full-bodied component of Medium Roast Coffee. The sweetness, although quite distinctive, is not as much as Light Roast Coffee. The flavors are more traditional like nutty, chocolatey, fruity, caramel, etc, with all of them being quite rich.

Benefits of Medium Roast Coffee

Apart from all that we have mentioned about Medium Roast Coffees, some other great benefits are that they work fine for all sorts of coffee drinks. From commercial to milk based coffees, Medium Roasts work equally well for all.

Drawbacks of Medium Roast Coffee

There are not many drawbacks of Medium Roast Coffee but one particular complaint is that the consistency in the roast differs from one batch to the next. The flavor and aroma of a single batch might not be the same as the next batch.

What beans are the best

Mostly, coffee beans grown at higher sea levels will work the best for medium roast coffee. The flavor will emerge out perfectly and taste bold and sweet at the same time. Arabica beans can work fine if you know exactly how to roast it.

Top coffees for Medium roasting

Places like Sumatra, Sulawesi, Java, etc, facilitate the growth of great quality coffees. The products are robust-bodies and mild acidic. The flavors get highlighted with a medium roast and the coffee turns out to be organic as well. Here are some places from where you can get great coffee for medium roasting:


Coffee in Kenya is grown in tough conditions without shade and it surfaces with all the flavors of wine, black currant, tomato, etc, when roasted at a medium level. Roasting it at a level of dark roast might spoil these finer flavors.


Known as being a classic coffee variety, Brazilian coffee brings out its tones of peanut the best when roasted at a medium level. This also helps to retain the original taste of the Brazilian coffee.


Jamaican coffee has received certification for its coffee being one of the best in the world. Grown at pretty high altitudes, Jamaican coffee can be strong and will need to be processed at higher temperatures for the flavors to be highlighted properly. This is why it is perfect for a medium roast because a dark roast might not bring out the flavors which are more delicate.


Apart from being a name in the coffee industry, Ethiopia also provides for one of the finest types of coffee called the Yirgacheffe coffee. The coffee is grown very organically, in the wild. Not only does it have a great body, but it also has sharp flavors which taste fruity.

Some other varieties that you would absolutely love in the form of medium roasts are Panama specialty coffee, Peaberry coffee, Colombian coffee, Guatemalan Coffee, etc. All of these varieties are excellent for a medium roast because they can be roasted uniformly and all the flavors distinctly come to the fore.


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