Malawi Coffee

The flavor is Malawi Coffee is very distinctive with its softness and a robust body that is smooth. Situated in Africa, Malawi falls to the west of Mozambique. Considerably a small country, Malawi produces more coffee than a lot of big countries and that too, extremely high-quality ones. Mostly, the coffee that is produced and then exported from Malawi if grown in the bigger estates. A lot of people compare Tanzanian coffee and Kenyan coffee to that o Malawi but there, of course, exists a lot many differences. The taste of Malawi coffee is very much like coffee in East Africa. 

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Malawi Coffee

Malawi Coffee

The missionaries brought coffee to Malawi in the year 1800. Mulanje and Thyolo were mainly the regions where most of the coffee farming was done. Small time farmers used to do coffee farming which was supported by cooperatives. In the year 1946, they formed a Cooperative. But, there are estate holders as well when it comes to production of coffee. In the present scenario, the production is divided between small farmers and estate owners.

Growth of coffee as a crop in Malawi

The economy of Malawi is most agro-based which provides for 90% and above exports of Malawi. 40% of the GDP of Malawi also comes from agriculture and almost 90% of Malawi’s population earns from the farming. Be it estates or small farmers, export products from agriculture come from both. But if we talk about coffee farming in isolation, then most of it is ruled and taken care of by small time farmers who belong to the northern part of the country.

Coffee growing areas in Malawi

Usually coffee in Malawi is grown at higher altitudes that are at least 1000 meters above the sea level. The northern part of Malawi has a mountainous zone where a lot of coffee is grown because the conditions are perfectly congenial for the growth of excellent coffee. Zomba, Phoka, Misuku, Viphya, Thyolo, Mangochi, and Mulanje are the major areas which can be said to be the coffee production pockets. In a single hectare, yields of green beans ranging from 2 to 4 mt are done with advanced infrastructural systems.

Almost about three quarters of the entire area of Malawi is covered by highlands and plateaux. These areas are not very accessible from the city areas and this poses some problems to the population living here. This is one reason why the people from these areas actively took up the farming of coffee. The mountain weather, needless to say, provides for excellent conditions for the nurturing of coffee and the farmers take advantage of that.

An interesting fact about the growing of Malawi coffee is that it is growth amidst other crops in the fields by small time farmers. This is done to ensure the maximum utilization of the field so that other crops can provide for the family of the farmers. More than 4 decades back, the colonizers brought coffee to Malawi and now it provides for most of the income in the country. Post-independence, the government came up with ideas and policies to boost the growth of coffee.

Assistance for coffee production

The Special Crops Act was introduced working with the Government Parastatal Smallholder Coffee Authority. The authority was responsible for the marketing of the coffee in big and small markets even before the coffee is processed. Later on, however, this authority incurred heavy debts and had to be sold off. Some small-time coffee producers bought this and furthermore, converted it into a trust that was named the Smallholder Coffee Farmers Trust.

The trust, since the days of its inceptions, has been working towards making the business stronger for the farmers and cut down costs. One of the ways in which they have tried to do this is by introducing planned systems for the control of pests. There have been some donors from an international level as well who have contributed to the Trust. The debt that the earlier organization incurred, has been therefore, cleared away and around a percentage of 70-80 is given to the farmers.

Tourists and travellers who visit Malawi, definitely try out their coffee and they love it. The acidic content and the caffeine content in Malawi coffee has quite some effect of people and lets them function with energy for long hours on end. In a lot of cafes and restaurants both in Malawi and elsewhere, this coffee is used to make a lot of different drinks like Cappuccino, French press, Café latte, Espresso, etc. You will also get cold or iced versions.

What is worth noticing is the fact that for the locals, Malawi coffee is a luxury. This is what capitalism has done to the market. But apart from that, this goes on to show that Malawi coffee is quite rich and expensive. The quality is undoubtedly great and the coffee also takes a lot of time and effort to reach the markets in their polished condition. This is why, it is one of the tastiest coffees. Plus, the antioxidants in this coffee and the rich nutrients also contribute to the health of the consumer.

Since the time Mzuzu Coffee has been introduced, coffee under this label has made it to big markets and has been praised for its quality. A lot of Western countries buy Malawi coffee in huge amounts, especially the United Kingdom. If you ever happen to visit Malawi, then make sure you try out their coffee. And, if you do not make it to that country ever, then do not worry. We have a solution for that as well!

There are numerous labels and online brands that offer Malawi coffee under their name. All you have to do is to place an order with them and soon your favorite coffee bag will be delivered at your doorstep.




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