Magnum Exotics Coffees

People, who need a compulsory cup of coffee every day, are lucky because of the host of options they have today. With so many varieties of coffee beans and ground coffee, it actually becomes a task to choose the best one out of all the options. In such matters, taking a second opinion always helps. This is where we come to help you. With this article, you will know about a coffee company that sells high-end products. The company takes the name of Magnum Exotics Coffees. Know more about it in this article.

With so many companies offering the best of products, there is a lot of competition in the coffee industry. From coffee beans to specialty coffees, a consumer has it all in one click. A lot of boutique companies and big shot brands are vying to get the attention of their coffee customers. One of the companies which have gained sustained favor from the customers is Magnum Exotics Coffees.

Magnum Exotics Coffees

Story of Magnum Exotics Coffees

Originally, Magnum Exotics Coffees began as a sort of a small venture within a family. The person who owns this company is Kevin Kihnke. He is also nicknamed The Big Bean and maintains a love for coffee himself. For a span of over 25 years, Kevin has been a part of the coffee industry. His taste of coffee can be said to have a high caffeine content, which reflects in the coffees that are prepared in Magnum Exotics Coffees.

When Kevin was in college, late night hours of study made him grow a taste for coffee. This was the motive behind his pursuing an interest in the coffee industry and making a career out of it. The time when Kevin started taking an interest in the industry also turned out to be the time when the coffee industry was growing steadily. Consequently, Magnum Exotics Coffees also grew by leaps and bounds, and has been a premium coffee producer ever since.

Initially, the company was engaged in packing coffees in partnership with other companies. From that stage, Kevin took a swift move to roasting and packaging his own coffees. With time, his knowledge of coffees and the industry grew and this helped him give shape to his company. Magnum Exotics Coffees is now involved in creating custom made coffees, packaging tea, etc.

Who choose Magnum Exotics Coffees?

Due to the fact that a coffee lover himself heads Magnum Exotics Coffees, it has grown to be one of the most appreciated private label coffee providers in the USA. Not only coffee, the company has also extended its services to tea and delivers its services all across the globe today. What makes its products worth all the money and the hype is the quality. Magnum Exotics Coffees uses only the best components to prepare specialty coffee and tea. Naturally, the taste is enhanced and better than regular brands.

By now, Magnum Exotics Coffees has gained experience that spans over decades. The workers are skilled who deliver extremely high-quality products that only comes with expertise. The company also has tie-ups with brands in producing coffees and teas that are personalized. So, you can actually design special coffees and teas according to your taste by placing an order at Magnum Exotics Coffees.

Growing conditions of coffees and teas

Since Magnum Exotics Coffees makes no compromise on their quality, they have made a tie-up with Café Trading which is an independent company for sourcing coffees and teas. Their coffee experts are then sent to areas in Indonesia, Central America, and Africa where they hunt for the choicest of tea leaves and coffee beans.

The officials of the company also make it a point to meet in person, with the farmers who are involved in producing teas and coffees for the company. This is also done to ensure that the procedures used for production are sustainable in nature. Before the coffee is harvested, it has to pass through multiple stages of tasting and sampling. The coffee is usually grown at high altitudes on mountains, from where the company procures them.

Coffees for all corners of the world

Going by its name, Magnum Exotics Coffees tries to procure coffee beans from locations which are far off and exotic, like Hawaii and Jamaica. The blends that are then produced are unique with flavors and aromas that are excellent are rare. For a regular coffee consumer or a coffee fan, variety is a must. In that case, Magnum Exotics Coffees is the best option you can possibly have. With such a plethora of delicious options, you will only be happily baffled.

Let us look at some of the top blends that this company provides:

New Organic Peru

This coffee is distinguishable for its robust body and a silky finish. It has received certification from USDA for being purely organic and gets all our votes for being highly aromatic.

100% Jamaican Blue Mountain

This coffee is prepared in a medium roasting process which helps it to retain the original flavors. The aroma is strong which will give you a rich cup of coffee when you prepare it.

Hawaiian Hazelnut

This flavor is a classic and a hot favorite. Famous for its familiar aroma, this coffee has a strong flavor like no other.

Going by the name, it is mandatory that you know the exotic coffees that Magnum Exotics Coffees offers:

Organic Rainforest Blend

This coffee is full-bodied with a silky feel to it. The coffee beans are infused with fresh tones and acidity to spice up your coffee. This gives the coffee an exceptional zesty feel to it.

French Roast

Although available only in grounded form, this coffee will give you the taste of class with its dark feel.

For custom-made blends, you have the options of Amaretto, Colombia Supremo decaf, Boulevard Blend, etc. Some other must-haves are Costa Rica Tarrazu Ground, New Organic Sumatra, Kona High Mountain Blend, etc. with so many options, why look elsewhere? Do not wait for that heavenly cup of creamy coffee you have always wanted. Get it now from Magnum Exotics Coffees!


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