Light Roast Coffee

When it comes to roast, it becomes a vital factor in determining the type of coffee you will drink. Also, different people like different kinds of roasts in coffee. So, if you are someone who maintains some interest in coffee, then you ought to read this article. We will tell you all about light roast coffee if you are a fan of this type.


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Light Roast Coffee

Define Light Roast Coffee

When you roast the coffee for a lesser duration than its counterparts of medium roast and dark roast, then it results in Light roast coffee. The qualities in light roast coffee that stand out are its fruity flavor, a light body, higher acidity, and a sweet taste. The acidity in light roast coffee is more because of the fact that it is roasted only for a minimum time while the darker roasts lose their acidity due to prolonged roasting.

The process of light roasting

If you ever see the harvesting of coffee, you will notice that the bean inside is green and soft to touch. It also has no taste of its own. When the roasting is done, the bean slowly gives off its intricate flavors and a rich aroma. The beans also lose their softness and their moisture when they undergo the process of roasting. The roasting happens at a temperature of 356 to 401 Fahrenheit degrees.

What is the caffeine content in Light Roast Coffee?

Turns out that light roast coffee has a higher caffeine content then the other types. So, the caffeine content in your cup depends on the amount of coffee you put in. Light roast coffee is quite dense in comparison to darker roasts. The best thing to do is to use measuring equipment so that you know exactly how much caffeine you are consuming.

If you consider a very well-known variety which is the Arabica beans, then you will see that their caffeine content differs a lot based on the type of the bean and its origin. But, if we honestly have to give a verdict regarding the caffeine content, then we will say that it can be ignored. This is because, mostly the difference in different roasts is hardly a lot and most of the people do not even notice it.

Know the difference between light roast and dark roast coffee

The light roast coffee will always have more organic and fruity flavors. It also verges on the sweeter side. On the other hand, the dark roast coffee will have a sharper flavor of roasting and does not capture the organic tones as much as the light roast one.

Features of Light Roast Coffee

Let us see the main features of Light Roast Coffee:

The color

The color of Light Roast Coffee is always light owing to the roasting process. The originally green beans gain a light brown or other light colors after the roasting is done. They also have higher acidity levels.

The Flavor

The Light Roast Coffee beans are not fragile and are actually quite thick. The flavors that are gentle, like fruity, floral, etc, are preserved in the light roast coffee.

The texture

You can see that Light Roast Coffee is coarser when you feel it and they look textured as well. If you brew it fresh then the aroma will be distinctively strong and fresh.

The taste of the beans

As mentioned earlier, the coffee beans of light roast coffee are not shiny because of the textured body and the bitterness is also on the lower side.

The Oiliness

Light Roast Coffee beans will hardly be oily when you touch them. The body is light and therefore, the oiliness is also low.

Best among Light Roast Coffee

The highest quality Light Roast Coffee beans are Arabica Beans. They have a lovely tone which is very layered and the flavor is sweet. Other tones of fruity and floral are also present, which makes the coffee aromatic. The acidity is also low of these beans and is perfect for light roasting.

Cons of Light Roast Coffee

Since all is not hunky dory anywhere, we are sure that you want to know the catch. The advantages of Light roast coffee are many but there are some downsides as well. This is not a disadvantage per se, but if you get a lower quality light roast bean type, then you will get a flat taste. The sweetness is also not strong and the flavor is lacking. So, make sure that you get only high-quality light roast coffee beans. If the quality is not up to the mark, the coffee might also have a very vegetable like taste.

How to perfect your brew with Light Roast Coffee?

The brewing happens best when you buy whole beans rather than grounded ones. Freshly grounding and brewing your coffee is the best. Get your Light Roast Coffee from a reputed company, avoiding scam companies who know nothing about roasting. There are different processes of roasting as well, so get the ones done by air roasting which makes the coffee cleaner and finer. The coffee that you brew with this will taste like nothing that you have ever tried before!

How to store Light Roast Coffee properly?

We always advice customers to buy coffee in less quantity so that the flavor stays intact. The older your coffee gets, the flatter the taste becomes. The beans should ne as fresh as they can get so that you can get the most natural aromatic flavors.

While grounding coffee, take only the exact amount that you require rather than grounding coffee and storing it. If you store grounded coffee, it might lose its original flavor. Keep your coffee beans in air tight containers so that the rich flavor stays pure and it does not get to react with oxygen. Keep the containers in a dry place that does not receive bright sunlight. Also, make sure that you do not keep the coffee in too cold an environment like a fridge because this might cause it go stale.


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