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Kicking Horse Company is a coffee brand that is working towards eliminating the problem of access to great tasting coffee. Today, this company is making a name for itself in the market for supplying some of the classiest cups of coffee to its customers. But the highlight of the company is that it chose to remain in its humble birthplace, Invermere, unlike other companies that hit major cities once they start tasting success.

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Kicking Horse Coffee

Kicking Horse Coffee: History

Kicking Horse Coffee was started by Elena Rosenfeld and her partner, Leo Johnson. They just set up shop in Invermere, British Columbia’s Rocky Mountains, and were not ready for their first wholesome orders. This was when they started receiving bulk orders from gourmet stores about 172 miles from their bases.

Since cardboard boxes were not used to pack coffee batches, the couple made do with a piece of a box they could find in the town’s back alleys. Once repaired and packed, the order was put on a bus to reach its destination.

After Elena’s graduation in 1990, she and Leo decided to settle in Invermere. But since jobs were hard to come by in a small town fast, the couple opened a fruit store that was visited mostly by tourists during the warmer summer months. Both lived in a cabin that had no access to running water or electricity.

As time went by, both realized that they need a year-long business that they could depend on and sustain themselves. So, they bought a local café and earned some profit that allowed them to save up for later use. The couple took a loan in 1996 and bought themselves a roaster. With it, they began roasting organic coffee beans in their garage. This is when they named their business as Kicking Horse Coffee.

After a span of time, the name of the business spread and sales took off fast. Since that day, Kicking Horse Coffee went on to become one of the biggest coffee retailers in Canada. Its distinct black packaging started becoming more familiar in places outside Canada, like the US.

Today, Kicking Horse Coffee manufactures more than 1.3 million tons of coffee each year. With more than 85 dedicated employees, Kicking Horse Coffee is counted alongside stalwart names like Tim Hortons (a famous bakery chain) in the list of the top ten commercial brands in Canada.

But despite all the success stories, the company humbly refused to move away from its original base of operation – Invermere. It is not a place that one would imagine one of Canada’s biggest businesses would stay. This is because, apart from the summer months that attract tourists to the country’s hot springs and nearby wildlife parks, Invermere is home to not more than 3,000 people. The entire business is seated upon a 60,000 square feet facility in Invermere.

Why is Kicking Horse Coffee recommended?

Kicking Horse Coffee has been manufacturing the best coffee beans and roasts for more than two decades. The organic coffees here taste extremely delicious. Additionally, all the products here are acquired by Fair Trade. Kicking Horse Coffee has also been named as the ‘Best Workplace in Canada’ in 2018.

The Kicking Horse Coffee Café

The Kicking Horse Coffee Café is located on the trench of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It is placed right in front of the company’s main headquarters. Here, you will be served the most freshly-prepared cups of coffee, apart from delicious snacks and baked goods. You have the option to choose from a lot of different ready-to-go and tasty varieties, each with their own aromas and flavor profiles.

You also have the option to choose among a lot of different merchandises as well. You can purchase the company’s apparels, mugs, cups, and other coffee equipment here. Also if you are interested to explore around, you can visit the local areas and learn about the work they do and the overall work culture here.

Different types of coffees at Kicking Horse Coffees

Original ‘Kick-ass’ Dark Roast

These dark roast coffee beans are cultivated and harvested in Indonesia and South America. Certified as Fair Trade, the coffee farmers that grew these beans are paid very well for their efforts and hard work. The dark roasting is then done in the Rocky Mountain air, which is why you will find oils on the surface of the beans. Overall, this coffee has a very sweet and smoky flavor. Added with a little bitterness, this coffee is smooth and strong to drink. You can also add your own creamers or sweeteners.

Cliff Hanger Espresso

This is a medium roasted coffee that has a taste of sweet beans and chocolate from South America, Central America, Africa, and Indonesia. This coffee is made especially for espresso fans. A roast on these coffee beans will give you a cup of coffee that is full of intensity and flavors, without any bitterness. While you might find some caffeine in this coffee, you will definitely enjoy the smell and flavors of fruits and chocolate with no bite.

Grizzly Claw

The Grizzly Claw was first made to impress fans of dark and rich coffee. Today, it has more focus on the coffee flavor, with tiny hints of chocolate. You can also purchase just the medium roast packing, which can be brewed and consumed without any hassle. These beans are natively grown in South and Central America. If exposed to a sufficient amount of heat, you will be able to taste a very smoky flavor.

Three Sisters

Named after the three mountains in the Canadian Rockies, they are light and medium-roasted beans which are natively grown in Indonesia, Central America, and South America. When combined with different blends, you will be able to taste a very smooth cup of delicious coffee. Also, there is no acidic or sharp flavor; nor does it have a bitter tang, which most non-acidic coffees do have. You can also purchase the packaging of the product which you can take home and is ready for brewing. The Three Sisters is made for people who have a gentler taste for coffee.

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