Jura Coffee Machines

JURA is known for its innovation, precision, sustainability, reliability, and high-quality products and their service. This Swiss firm focuses on making the finest automatic specialty coffee machines. It’s popular around the world as one of the leading firms to produce coffee makers. JURA’s fully automatic coffee machines help you make delicious coffees. They come in spectacular designs and are easy to use.

Top Jura Coffee Espresso Machines

Jura Coffee Machines

Jura Coffee and Espresso Machines

Established in 1931, Jura is an expert in producing and developing innovative home appliances with the best standards. Owing to its years of experience, Jura builds high-quality coffee machines. The headquarters of this famous Swiss coffee machine producing firm is situated in Niederbuchsiten, Switzerland.

Jura offers its coffee and espresso machines to over 50 countries around the world. This has expanded its market and made them a top-rated firm that manufactures coffee machines. The company has its own sales firms, distributors, and joint ventures in all these nations.

Different types of Jura products

Jura offers a wide range of coffee machines to consumers. Its coffee makers are equipped with advanced technology, which is why they are considered as one of the best coffee machines worldwide. Some of the most popular products offered by Jura are listed below.

1. Jura GIGA-X Line (GIGA X8c)

This professional coffee machine offered by Jura delivers high performance. With advanced design, the GIGA X8c coffee machine is the best professional coffee maker offered by Jura amongst others. This new generation coffee maker is fully automatic and specifically designed for professional use. Some of its unique features are:

  • Equipped with the latest technology
  • Can serve over 200 cups of coffee in a single go with great performance
  • Fitted with a dishwasher-safe residual tray that you can easily remove and empty
  • Combi spout is designed and developed as per the requirements of professional coffee makers
  • Easy to use and service, intuitive, and maximum flexibility with a touch display
  • Beautiful interiors make it efficient, tough, and intelligent

2. Jura GIGA-Professional Line (GIGA X9 Professional)

The professional line of Jura coffee machines is popularly known as ‘Barista Specialist Professional.’ GIGA X9 Professional has a power equal to three pumps and three thermoblocks. This automatic coffee maker requires fewer efforts while operating it. Using this, you can prepare milk and coffee. Some of its unique features are listed below:

  • Even though it has a complex design, it’s simple to clean and maintain after use
  • Equipped with a high-performance ceramic disc grinder that delivers high performance, produces uniform grinding and is precise, quick, and homogenous
  • Outfitted with a nice air supply combi spout that can be easily adjusted using the geared stepper motor
  • Serves more cups of coffee as compared to other coffee machines offered by Jura
  • Advanced fluid and heating mechanism that produces an amplified hot water level of a maximum of 30 liters in an hour
  • Fitted with a high-speed count

3. Jura X-Line (X8)

Jura X8 is a versatile and robust specialty coffee maker. It has impressive functions, amongst which the best one is to master the whole range of specialty coffees that is refined with milk foam and milk. One of the other coffee machines in this line is X6. Some of the unique features of the X8 coffee maker are listed below:

  • Can be fitted with large water tanks or a stable freshwater kit
  • Preparation button helps in easily preparing coffee
  • Cup positioning aids in self-servicing
  • Can add one or two coffee specialties to its glasses and cups during servicing with just the click of a button
  • Equipped with a robust combi spout with adjustable height
  • Different temperature levels for hot water; this feature is most admired by tea lovers

4. Jura XJ-Line

Jura XJ-Line is a beautiful coffee machine, which is perfect to make latte macchiato and other coffee varieties such as cappuccino, espresso, café crème, and ristretto. You can make all these coffees with just the click of a button. This coffee maker has an impressive design and looks. Some of its features are:

  • Easy to maintain through integrated cleaning, rinsing, and descaling programs
  • Outfitted with an intelligent freshwater mechanism that uses the freshwater kit while producing coffee, thus delivering fresh water to make sumptuous coffee
  • Fitted with fine foam technology that delivers fine-pored and consistent foam
  • You can select your desired brewing process or coffee production as per the coffee type you want to make

5. Jura WE Line

In this professional line of coffee machines, Jura offers two models, namely WE8 and WE6. This is a classic line of coffee machines made for offices. These coffee makers come with a water tank that has a maximum capacity of 3 liters, along with a bean container that has a capacity of 500 grams for keeping coffee beans. Some of the unique features of these coffee machines are:

  • Can serve numerous cups of coffee
  • Can be tailored as per your needs
  • Cleaning tools are TUV-certified
  • You can choose over eight specialties, which speeds up the brewing procedure and results in a fine cup of coffee

What makes Jura products different?

Jura products are quite special owing to many reasons. First of all, Jura coffee machines are made using high-quality raw products, which makes them powerful and durable enough to withstand any temperature.

Moreover, Jura coffee machines have a sleek and elegant design, which enhances their looks. Jura coffee machines are equipped with a wide array of features. Nevertheless, they are still offered at affordable prices to customers.

Additionally, the official Jura website has shopping advice so as to help consumers purchase the right product as per their specific needs and requirements. The website also elucidates various features of all their products in order to inform customers about every Jura product.

Jura fully automatic coffee machines are designed by 70 engineers. These machines produce the best coffee that is freshly grounded and extracted at the push of a button. Furthermore, Jura coffee machines are easy and intuitive to use.

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