Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is specially grown, harvested, and packed in Jamaica. This coffee is delicious, fine, and smooth with a floral and nutty aroma. It is known for its unique pleasant flavor.

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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is quite popular just like the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee. It is well-known for its superior quality and unique flavor across the world. As the name suggests, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is produced on the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. These coffee beans are quite expensive and hard to get. They are carefully grown to make a refreshing cup of coffee.

Nearly all the total yield of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans are exported to other nations. Japan is the primary taker of this coffee with over 80% share. Jamaica is an island nation located in the Caribbean Sea. It has tropical weather with moderate rainfall and sunshine, which makes it favorable for producing coffee.

Taste and flavor of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans have a clean and mild flavor. It has a smooth yet vibrant acid content. The taste of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is mildly bitter and sweet since the coffee is ripened for long periods. The aroma of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is floral and sweet with hints of nuts and herbs. Although Jamaica has only 0.1% of the total coffee production in the world, the smooth and clean taste of its coffee has increased its demand and made it expensive.

Climate conditions of Jamaica for producing coffee

It is necessary to harvest the coffee beans from specific parishes in Jamaica, including St. Thomas, St. Mary, Portland, and St. Andrew.

The second requirement for growing Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is high altitude that must be between 3000 and 5500 feet above sea level. At this elevation, coffee beans can be produced with minimal danger from diseases and pests and other plants are unable to grow here owing to the harsh environment.

In high elevations, coffee can grow harder and denser, restricted by the water amount. The cherry of the coffee plant takes time to ripe, which facilitates the bean to pull out maximum flavor from the cherry. This gives the coffee a special sweet taste owing to the refined complex sugars.

The harsh weather conditions result in high-end coffee with a unique pleasant flavor. The mountains characterized by a misty and cool climate with rich volcanic soils. Coffee plants take double time to ripen, which is equal to 10 harvesting months.

Harvesting Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee

Jamaicans take extra efforts to produce Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. They intensively pick coffee manually. After harvesting the coffee, they thoroughly sort out the coffee beans in order to get the best ones out of so many. They remove all the useless coffee beans manually without the use of a machine.

One of the ways Jamaicans do this is by getting rid of too big or too small coffee beans. Then, they eliminate certain defects in the coffee beans such as the ones grown by coffee borers. After all this is done, the coffee beans are approved so that they can be named Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans by the JCIB (the coffee industry board of Jamaica).


JCIB is an organization in Jamaica that sets all the guidelines of the coffee industry in the country. Along with this, it also conducts the scrutiny of both green and roasted coffee beans. It does a blind coffee tasting examination in order to determine the best coffee out of all. Finally, JCIB fills up a form about the coffee so as to decide whether the coffee can be qualified as Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee or not.

Roasting of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is roasted in different ways, including light roast, medium roast, dark roast, peaberry roast, and French roast. Peaberry roast is best for brewing Jamaican espresso shots. The best method to brew Jamaican espresso is by using medium dark to medium roast in order to do justice to the coffee and not make it bitter.

Brewing Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee

You should only brew ground and freshly roasted coffee beans. Shelf coffees have a poor aroma and flavor. They don’t represent the original coffee beans.

Coffee beans should be stored in a cool and dry environment in an airtight container, which should be kept away from sunlight.

When preparing to brew Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, you must have a few things. These include a kitchen scale, conical burr grinder, timer, vacuum seal vessel, and French press. In order to highlight the complex flavor of this precious coffee, a drip immersion should be used.

Some of the most common brewing techniques of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee include pouring over, automatic drip, and French press or espresso. A cold Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee brew is also great.

How to make Jamaican Blue Mountain espresso coffee?

In order to make Jamaican Blue Mountain espresso coffee, you must ensure that you only grind as much coffee beans as are required at that time. The reason behind this is ground coffee augments the surface area that is exposed to air, particularly oxygen. This can result in a quick expiry of the flavor and aroma of the coffee beans.

You should use a coffee grinder in order to evenly grind Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans. Make use of a kitchen scale or spoon so as to measure 1.1 oz or two spoonfuls of coffee. You can store the remaining coffee beans in vacuumed containers.

If you don’t want the flavor of your brew to get affected by the water content, you need to use distilled or filtered water. You can also make use of tap water. You can use the thermometer in order to gauge the exact temperature of the water. Make sure the water temperature is between 95 and 105 degree Celsius.

Now, you must put the grounded coffee beans inside a French press. Then, fill the French press with the prepared water. Set the French press to four minutes. Finally, serve hot Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

How to get the best Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee?

Since Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is expensive, people use its name to sell low-quality coffees and earn profits. Therefore, you must look for the certified blue seal given by JCIB when buying original Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from anywhere around the world.

Stay away from blended Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee since blends aren’t protected by the blue seal. And, even if you buy a certified blended Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee with the blue seal, it might not contain any or very less quantity of Jamaican coffee.

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