Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffees

If you are looking for an authentic coffee flavor from Hawaii, the Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffees are the best choice. The coffee is available in more than 20 delicious flavors. With more than 30 years in the business, the company makes sure to present its range of coffee products in the most refined manner. If you are a coffee fan, then you should try these superb coffee flavors at least once. The classic taste and the authentic flavors will start your day beautifully.

Top Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffees

Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffees

Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffees is not exactly one company; it is a complete family of smaller sister companies. They all work together to achieve one goal – to offer an exquisite range of the best tea and coffee flavors.

Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffees was formed in 2000, after an agreed collaboration between Royal Kona Coffee and LION Coffee. As soon as the partnership was formed, the name Hawaii Coffee Company was agreed upon. Soon the Hawaiian Islands Tea joined this partnership in 2004. As soon as the company joined hands with Royal Hawaiian Coffees in 2013, the brand became famous all over the world. Today, Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffees is the largest roaster all over the world for Kona Coffee.

Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffees: History

LION Company was formed in 1864 in Ohio. In 1979, the company changed base and moved to Hawaii. LION Company is one of the oldest coffee companies in the world. It still maintains a reputable standard and makes use of fresh coffee beans and fancy roasting techniques to brew the best coffee blends.

Royal Kona Coffee also has a respectable history that started even before people knew about Kona coffee itself. The company sold Kona coffee beans as much as it could. Royal Kona Coffee is said to be the first Kona coffee company ever!

Hawaiian Islands Tea came into existence in 1995 and became a part of the Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee in 2004. The company sold some of the most aromatic and delicious tropical teas. With the help of premium tea leaves, you could taste exotic and magical tropical fruit flavors.

Royal Hawaiian Coffee is the brainchild of Alan Wong, a famous chef. Alan is known all over the world for his classy Hawaiian cuisine. He has appeared in several TV shows like Top Chef and cooked a feast for former President of USA, Barack Obama. Alan was already on a lookout for a roaster to produce his own line of coffee. This was when he came across this Hawaiian company and made it to what it is today.

All the companies listed above work behind the name of Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffees. This brand is one of the largest suppliers of Kona coffee in the world, with a high-end clientele like hotels, restaurants, stores, etc. If you want to taste authentic Hawaiian coffee, then Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffees is a great place to start with.

Different types of roasts at Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffees

Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffees offers you a lot of different roast profiles. Lighter roasts can lighten your mornings and keep you cherished while the darker roasts will fit perfectly with your dinner plans. Here are some roast varieties offered by the brand:

Light roast

You will find a lot of different light roasts here. Coffee beans are roasted very lightly, thereby preserving the flavors and the aroma. Some great coffees in this category include Lion Gold Decaf Light Roast International Blend Coffee, Lion Gold Light Roast International Blend Coffee, etc.

Light-medium roast

This is a coffee roast variety that makes the morning of most coffee lovers. It is packed with a considerable amount of caffeine, which will not suit you if you are planning to call it an early night. It looks very bright in a cup, finished with a mellow and delicate taste. Some perfect light-medium roast coffees include Lion Premium Gold 10% Kona Blend Coffee and City Roast 10% Kona Coffee Blend.

Medium roast

Medium roasts are the most perfect type of roast that is preferred by coffee drinkers. It is neither too soft nor too strong. It contains a bit more caffeine than dark roast flavors. Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee has a lot of different varieties in this category like the Regular Roast, City Roast, and American Roast.

Medium-dark roast

Compared to medium roasts, this category has a richer and darker flavor profile. It is a perfect blend of flavor and aroma. This roast is a great option if you want a lighter side of the dark roasts. Sometimes, this type of roast is also known by other names like Vienna Roast and After Dinner Roast.

Dark roast

Also known as the French roast, dark roasted coffee beans are quite intensive and full-bodied. This type of roast is perfect as a late night drink because it contains the least amount of caffeine. Some of the best dark roast blends by Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee are Alan Wong’s French Roast 10% Ka’u Blend Coffee, French Roast 10% Kona Coffee Blend, and the Lion French Roast.

Packs made for everyone

Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee makes sure to offer the coffee blends in a wide variety of packaging. You can avail coffee packs of different sizes, single-serve cups, Kona Coffee Bundles, or single bags. Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee offers the most authentic flavors. Some great flavored coffees include Kona Irish Crème, Kona Mac Nut Crème, Kona English Toffee, Kona Mocha, Kona Cappuccino, Kona Hazelnut, Kona Chocolate Mac Nut, Vanilla Macadamia Nut, etc. You also get a lot of non-flavored variants as well.

Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee also offers great tropical flavors. Some of the best include Macadamia Nut Brittle, Mountain Roast, Upcountry Morning Blend, Island French Toast, etc.

Overall, it does not really matter which blend of coffee you are about to choose. Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee makes sure that every cup of coffee served is done in the most exotic manner. If you are yearning for authentic Hawaiian coffee, then this is a great place to start with. You can enjoy freshly-brewed coffee in a Hawaiian way!

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