Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is a type of coffee that helps extract soluble coffee extracts from the beans that make the overall flavor and aroma of the coffee. When mixed with water, brewing a cup of ground coffee is much faster than coffee made of whole beans. At first, people used to boil whole beans directly. This method was wrong and would irregularly extract its flavor. Also, the aroma would mostly smell like a high-caffeine bitter solution. But as time progressed, it was discovered that grounding coffee into minute pieces brings out a richer and more well-balanced flavor with much lesser brewing time. Coffee is ground after it goes through the roasting process. Roasting helps extract and develop the flavor of the coffee that can be tasted after brewing. Fine ground coffee fully extracts this flavor and makes it more noticeable.

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Ground Coffee

Coffee grinding levels

The extra course ground levels make the coffee look like small pebbles. A coarse grind coffee makes it look like salt, where the particles are chunky. A medium-sized ground is a little finer than a coarse grind while the fine grind is smooth when rubbed between the fingers. The extra fine ground has a grit fill and not as powdery as sugar. It grinds like Turkish ground coffee, which is mostly powdery.

Coffee grinding size and brewing methods

The size of the coffee bean is one of the factors that determine how balanced or strong the coffee ground will be. Different brewing methods also require certain sizes of ground coffee. For example, espresso requires very finely-ground coffee because it takes a small amount to time to get brewed. Also, espresso machines make use of pressure, thus forcing water to pass through the ground.

On the other hand, French press coffee requires medium-coarse ground coffee so that the flavor is not over-extracted, especially the bitterness.  Also, water flows more easily through the grounds in a coarse ground coffee in methods like the filter and pour-over. This allows you to extract more flavor from the ground coffee. Also, coarse grounds cannot fall through the filter holes into the coffee brew.

A Toddy brewer will go well with extra-coarse ground coffee while French press, cupping, and percolator method will produce great coarse grind coffee cups. Chemex coffee brewers are great for medium-coarse grounds and flat bottom coffee drip brewers work well with medium grounds.

For a siphon brewer, Portafilter espresso machine, pour-over, vacuum pot, cone filter drip, and Moka pot, medium-ground coffee beans will work perfectly. Aero press and espresso brewing will give you fine ground coffee while extra powdery or fine brew can be given with the use of a Turkish brewer.

Effects of roasting coffee grounds

When ground, dark roast coffee becomes more brittle than light roast coffee. This happens because when roasted darker, coffee beans lose more moisture content. Lightly roasted coffee beans are more tenacious that dark roasted ones. Depending on the brewing method, light and dark roasted coffee beans need to be ground separately and at different sizes.

Also, how soon the beans are roasted after collecting determine how the coffee grounds will turn out. In most cases, coffee is ready for roasting around three to six months after harvesting. Green coffee beans tend to get woodier the longer it stays without roasting, which ultimately affects its coffee roasts as well. Grounding coffee soon after harvesting will result in finer dust particles. Hence, it is best if the beans are roasted as soon as the harvesting is done.

Pre-ground coffee beans

Whole coffee beans have much more flavor than ground coffee beans, especially if they are in the green bean state. Even when roasted, the oils in the whole coffee beans stay intact because they are protected by the outer shell and a lesser amount of surface area is left exposed.

After the coffee goes through the grounding process, the coffee loses its quality aroma and flavor within minutes. The aroma, oils, and flavor of the coffee and very volatile and made by soluble components, which are prone to reacting actively to the surrounding environments.

According to coffee experts, fresh ground beans and fresh roast are the best for a fresh cup of coffee. Hence, it is advised that you make a habit of grinding your own coffee beans. But you need to make sure that you are grinding coffee for immediate consumption and not for later use.

But, a lot of people prefer purchasing already ground coffee because buying coffee beans is an expensive affair and the grinding it is a long process.

Reasons not to buy pre-ground coffee

  1. Ground coffee gets contaminated very easily. This is because the aroma, flavor and the oils tend to pick up the odor of things around them, which destroys the original taste and scent of the coffee.
  2. Ground coffee, when exposed to the air, gets oxidized and makes it lose about 60% of its aroma and flavor a few minutes after the grinding process
  3. When exposed to moisture, the volatile oils in coffee gets diluted. Because the components that make up the aroma, flavor, and oils are soluble in water, they all get dissolved, thereby depriving you of the perfect taste and smell of the coffee.
  4. A lot of carbon dioxide is lost during the roasting process. This gas helps to get the oils in the coffee bean get released in the coffee cup after brewing. During roasting, about 80% of the carbon dioxide gets lost within the first hour of the process.

Food items that are prepared with ground coffee


Sugar cookies make use of ground coffee as one of the major ingredients that are responsible for its flavor profile. Bits of ground coffee is used in almost every type of baked cookie. One other type of cookie that makes use of mocha for its flavor is the mocha cookie.


Steak is often rubbed with ground coffee to make it tasty, juicy and perfect for serving to your family members or friends. The coffee grounds can also be mixed with other ingredients to make a Paleo steak coffee rub.

Chocolate brownie

This might perhaps be everyone’s favorite in this list. A chocolate brownie is a dessert that is consumed all over the world. It is a common practice to add ground coffee because it offers a very coffee-like and smooth texture and flavor.


Mocha has been used for a long time to make great and tasty muffins, which can be consumed at any time of the day. They can also be stored in a freezer. Many make use of chunks of chocolate that is prepared by espresso brewing to make their batch of muffins. Ground coffee can also be used to make coffee cake.

A lot of different food items can be made with the help of ground coffee. You can make donuts, ice cream, cakes, etc. with the help of ground coffee.

Getting the right amount of coffee grounds for coffee brewing

It is recommended that you make use of coffee weight than using volume. This is because, during the roasting process, the coffee beans lose out more water and swell to increase the size. The higher the roasting degree, the more the bean will swell. Weighing the whole beans or the coffee grounds for brewing will give you a precise density measurement and help you avoid estimation.


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