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The Flavia Coffee Maker is a coffee brewing appliance from Mars Drinks, a company that specializes in customizing appliances for the workplace. Mars drinks have been focusing their innovative faculties towards specializing coffee makers for the express purpose of maximizing comfort for office goers. This has led them to create many high quality coffee makers that offer a range of comforts and conveniences to coffee lovers. The Flavia Coffee Maker is one amongst a series of different coffee makers from this company that performs very well and is universally loved by office goers.

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Flavia Coffee Maker

Flavia Coffee Maker Product Types

The Flavia coffee maker comes in different variations all of which endeavor to bring forth the depth of character and authentic flavors in every brew of coffee. Their dedication to ensuring the best value for money appliances for office goers have resulted in the creation of a number of high quality coffee makers. Some of these variants from the Flavia series include the following:


1. The Flavia Barista

This coffee maker is exactly what its name implies, i.e., the perfect barista for your home or your office. The many features loaded into this machine ensure that it can be used to brew any number of different coffee related drinks without any hassle. Even severely technologically challenged coffee lovers should have no trouble operating this coffee maker due to the ease of use it accords one and all.


The machine comes equipped with many settings that enable it to brew different drinks. At just a single punch of the button, you can have a steaming cup of coffee, tea, lattes, cappuccino, hot chocolate or espresso. Additionally, due to the exacting pressure exerted by this machine to extract the drink from the coffee beans, drinks brewed using these appliances have their own distinct taste. Some of the other important features sported by this machine are:

  • The water line connection built into this machine enables you to both manually refill the reservoir to have it filled directly from a water source. This increases the convenience factor exponentially.
  • This machine is equipped with cold drink functionality which allows you to brew your beverage over ice to make yourself a cold coffee for those hot summers days.
  • The machine is capable of exerting high pressure up to 15 bars which enables you to brew the perfect cup of authentic espresso in as less time as 30 or 40 seconds.
  • The Flavia Barista is capable of accommodating many different types of mugs and their respective varying sizes. These may range from travelling mugs and regular coffee mugs to espresso mugs.
  • The interface integrated into the system of this machine is simple yet extensive. The machine is intuitive enough to not require any knowhow on the part of the operator.
  • The Flavia Barista is listed by both the ETL and the cETL as a commercial grade coffee maker which attests to its quality.


2.The Flavia Creation 500

The Flavia Creation 500 is another top of the range offering from Mars Drinks. As one of the most sought after coffee makers in the market for commercial purposes, this machine is perfect for larger sized offices. Coffee lovers across the world are known to swear by the taste and quality of the brews offered by this machine.


This coffee maker is designed to deliver quality brews with consistency while offering users the freedom to opt for large, regular or small sized cups. This availability of options in cup sizes prevents wastage and making the experience of coffee drink that much more satisfying. Other features that make this coffee machine one of the best in the market include:

  • The design of the Flavia Creation 500 is stylish and sophisticated which makes it a perfect appliance for large offices. The countertop design is both elegant and stylish.
  • Not only is the machine flexible in terms of usability, it is also remarkably portable which makes it very easy to relocate or replace when the need arises without any undue hassle.
  • The display is enhanced by the LCD panel that makes the experience of brewing coffee with this machine much more intuitive.
  • The Flavia Creation 500 brews one cup of coffee at a time which makes it the perfect device for individuals working in an office.
  • The machine has been awarded with certification from the ETL and the cETL which attests to its commercial usability.
  • A regular cup of coffee brewed with this machine usually comes in a volume of 7oz while an iced beverage brewed with this appliance has a volume of 3oz.


3.The Flavia Creation 200

This machine is a top quality offering from the company and is more suited to mid-sized offices. The brewing functionalities accorded by this coffee maker allow office goers to access café style brews right in the comfort of their workplace. Some of its best features include the following:

  • The machine is easily capable of serving anywhere between 15 and 75 employees at a time without any hassle.
  • The built of the machine is on the smaller side without compromising on the range of functionalities. The design is stylish and it needs to be stationed on the countertop.
  • The interface is simple and easy to use and makes it possible to brew multiple drinks in 40 to 60 second intervals.
  • The Flavia Creation 200 has certification from both the ETL and the eETL.
  • Drinks come in volumes of 7oz for regular coffee and 3oz for iced coffee.


4. Flavia Creation 150

The Flavia Creation 150 is another favorite from the Flavia series of coffee makers that offers the same consistency of quality that is characteristic of this line. This coffee maker is suited smaller workplaces with brewing capacities that range from hot chocolate and tea to coffee and cappuccinos. Some of its best features include:

  • Perfectly for use in offices with employees that number up to 15.
  • Brews one cup at a time which prevents wastage
  • The café style drinks brewed through this iteration of the Flavia allows office goers to avail quality coffee based drinks in the comfort of their office place itself.
  • Not only is the design sleek and stylish but the construction also accords ease of use. This is evident in the removable water reservoir that allows you to detach it to refill the water.

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