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There are certain limitations that come up when you want to sample and taste the best coffee beans from all over the globe. At Equal Exchange Coffee, you get to do exactly that. You will find a large variety of coffees here that are sourced from places across the world. Each one of these batches is produced in the most organic and authentic manner. This means that you will be able to taste the most unique flavors and smell each of their distinct aromas.

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Equal Exchange Coffee

Equal Exchange Coffee

Equal Exchange Coffee is a coffee brand that has been certified as a Fair Trade company. It works on a corporative model and follows some set business policies. These policies allow the company to help coffee farmers in every corner of the world to engage in environmentally-friendly and economically sustainable practices to grow the best coffee crops. The coffee is then packed in batches and sent to the Equal Exchange Coffee center for further processing. Once the entire production process is done, it is served to the customers.

Equal Exchange Coffee’s mission is to empower and add value to everything in between picking the coffee bean by hand until it reaches the cups of the customers. Only fair trading practices are being followed and coffee farmers are encouraged to engage in farming techniques that would not affect the environment negatively.

The founders of Equal Exchange Coffee intended the company as a counter to the unfair practices that have been going on in the food industry for years together. As such, the power has moved to the hands of the big corporates that result in exploitive conditions. Equal Exchange Coffee wants to give this power back to the coffee laborers and farmers that have dedicated their time, energy and money trying to cultivate the best coffee crops.

Why should you opt for Equal Exchange Coffee?

As most of us know, coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. As such, coffee corporations generate huge revenues. But it is also a possibility that these revenues are generated at the expense of the coffee farmers like the quality of life, etc.

In the case of Equal Exchange Coffee, the customers are given a choice to actually make a difference in the lives of the coffee farmers. Some other reasons why you should choose Equal Exchange Coffee are as follows:

Unique roast levels

Coffee drinkers around the world that there are only three ways coffees can be roasted – light, medium or dark roasts. While some people might prefer the light and dark roasts, which is a matter of personal taste, a majority of the people prefer the medium roast, which is considered a classic because of the optimum quality.

But there is one more level of roast that most people are not aware of. It is called the Vienna roast. This level of roast falls between the medium and dark roast. As it is understood, this roast provides the best of both medium and dark roasts. Unique flavor is attained by blending the roasts. The Mind, Body and Soul range falls under this category.

Medium roasted coffee beans allow the flavor’s essence to remain while darker roasts give you a very rich taste. Equal Exchange Coffee makes use of this Vienna roast, which is an amalgamation of both roasts and results in a coffee that has a great flavor and taking on the richer note as well.

Some other blends of coffee offered at Equal Exchange Coffee are Full City roasts, French roasts, etc. This range comprises of some of the most popular roasts, coupled with some customized roasts as well. This allows the brand to cater to a lot more customers.

Unique blend and flavor profiles

In Equal Exchange Coffee, you will see two separate strains of coffee being served to the customers. Both strains, namely the Mind, Body and Soul range and the Organic Congo Coffee range have different notes and flavors. The Organic Congo Coffee has a wide range of flavors that range between the subdued notes of berries and vanilla and the rich notes of chocolate. This blend allows you to customize the whole beans according to your own preferences.

On the other hand, the Mind, Body, and Soul range offers you a minder brew that is easy on your palette, but capable of punching a darker roast note. This taste is accompanied with a hint of bitterness, berries and the bittersweet taste of chocolate. Together, you will taste very rich notes.

Produced organically

Most big coffee corporations around the world only care about maximizing output and revenue to drive capitalism in their favors. They make use of unethical methods, employ coffee farmers and workers at extremely low pays, and making use of excessive pesticides and fertilizers.

On the other hand, Equal Exchange Coffee sources coffee beans from all corners of the world including Latin America, Asia, and Africa. These farms are engaged in organic farming and reject the use of fertilizers and pesticides. As a result, the coffee produced is much healthier and does not affect the environment negatively. The farmers are also well-paid of their efforts.

A wide range of new and exciting flavors

For adventurous coffee lovers, Equal Exchange Coffee offers you a new menu that comes out every couple of months. The menu is always exciting and fresh. Right from the decaf coffee to the coffee caramel and hazelnut crème, a lot of different coffee blends are available in drip and whole bean forms. There is no dearth of choice here.

Equal Exchange Coffee will only provide the best choices of coffee to its customers. Right from multinational coffee beans to organic ones, these coffee blends are much healthier to consume. The environment remains safe from bad farming practices and the coffee farmers are paid well for the hard work, time and effort they put to grow the best coffee plants. All of these, combined with some of the most delicious flavors and enticing aroma, makes Equal Exchange Coffee truly one of its kind.

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