El Salvador Coffee

El Salvador has Guatemala and Honduras as its neighbors and this forms one major reason why it produces great tasting coffee. El Salvador Coffee has a robust body and yet the acidity level and the flavors are quite subtle. This coffee is also aromatic with a sweet and fruity fragrance. So, you will get a distinct hint of a floral and spicy quality in the El Salvador coffee. To know other such interesting details about El Salvador coffee, continue reading this article.

Top El Salvador Coffees

El Salvador Coffee

Growing conditions of El Salvador Coffee

Two varieties of El Salvador Coffee that are different than the rest because of their active aroma and flavor are the Bourbon and Pacamara coffee beans. They are undoubtedly subtle like the other El Salvador coffees but they can also easily be distinguished because of their rush of flavors. They are grown in high altitude areas.

The El Salvador coffee variety that is ranked the highest is Strictly High-grown which is cultivated at a height of 1200 meters above sea level. The coffees that are grown at an altitude of 900 to 100 meters fall under the category of high grown. And the coffees that are grown below the level of 900 meters is categorized as Central standard.

The higher the altitude, the more time it takes for the coffee to grow. This gives more time to the coffee beans to retain all the nutrients and develop a flavor that is bursting with aroma and richness.

El Salvador coffees grown in shade

There are three places in the highlands of Tacuba which lies to the western part of El Salvador. These three locations are well-known for the production of coffees that are grown in shade. They also use organic fertilizers and compost to take care of the Arabica coffee plants. The three areas are namely Las Colinas, El Sincuyo, and La Concordia.

Other regions where good coffee is produced are: Chicontepec, El Balsamo-Quetzaltepec, Cacahuatique, Aloptepec-Metapan, Tecapa-Chinameca, Apaneca-Lllamateec. With so many areas which grow coffees that differ in taste and essence, one can never get tired of trying out El Salvador Coffees.

Have you heard of the El Salvador green coffee?

There was a brief period in the past when there was a lot of political unrest in El Salvador due to which the growth of coffee and its trade was affected in El Salvador. But of late, El Salvador has gained momentum in producing large amounts of coffee that are also of the highest quality. The coffees are of single origin, made from pure Arabica beans.

Further the beans are processed and exported overseas by brokers and big distributors. They work with importers of green coffee who are based in Canada and the U.S and buy coffee in bulk. This coffee is then measured and filled into smaller bags which are to be distributed to local shops and wholesalers. The green coffee which has not yet been roasted in then roasted by these local roasters or big companies which deal in coffee.

How is green coffee in El Salvador processed?

Most of El Salvador coffees are first washed where they remove the mucilage with as little water as possible with the help of machines. In the natural processing way, the beans are dried which lends a very fruity essence to the coffee. Then a process involving honey is done which makes the coffee a bit sweeter.

Famous El Salvador Coffee labels

Majority of the El Salvador coffee that is sold within the limits of North America is sold with the customary coffee supply chain. In this chain, a roaster first purchases a single origin coffee from an importer who has purchased it from an exporter. The big brand Starbucks has numerous El Salvador coffees via the Starbucks Reserve Program. Other big brands selling El Salvador coffees are mostly based in Canada and the United States of America.

Variants of El Salvador Coffees

The great thing about El Salvador coffees is that you can never get enough of them. There are so many different varieties that you will always have something left out to try. Plus, each variety in itself is so delicious that you will feel like having it again and again. Here are the best ones:


This coffee tree has leaves that look larger than Bourbon ones. The body is robust with great aroma and high acidity. It needs to be grown at a sea level over 1000 meters.


When looked at on a physical level, the Sarchimor leaves look very similar to Pacas. But this variant is resilient to coffee rust. This variety of coffee is also known for its full-bodied texture which makes the flavor stand out.


This variety has a big fruit with a decently sized seed. The body is also decent with good quality aroma. What stands out in the Pacamara variety is the flavor which is extraordinary.


Catimor and Pacas look very similar from the outside and Catimor is also resilient to coffee rust. This variety has the best body in comparison with any other type of El Salvador coffee. There are any factors that make Catimore very similar to Sarchimor.

Bourbon or Tekisic

Bourbon has large sized fruit and seed and comes with decent sized leaves. The density of Bourbon is lesser than Pacamara and has incomparable body, essence, and a perfect level of acidity. Overall, this type of coffee is quite well balanced.

Self-reliant coffee production

One of the greatest qualities about El Salvador coffee is that its production is totally self-reliant. People who grow coffee in El Salvador do not require any sort of assistance from any source to sustain their production of the best quality coffee.

If you are a coffee buff, then do not lose the chance of trying out the coffee when you visit El Salvador. Can’t plan a trip to the country? Worry not. There are multiple online platforms which sell freshly grounded El Salvador coffees and deliver it to your house. So, order now!

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