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Eight O’Clock Coffees is a company that does its best to serve only the best coffee products. Its tagline is ‘For those who put Coffee first’, which itself says a lot about the brand. The company shares its enthusiasm and passion for coffee with its customers. In its efforts to provide the most authentic cup of coffee, the brand makes sure not to alter its original taste and quality. The coffee beans are purchased from Maryland, processed with utmost care, and then dispatched for delivery all around the globe.

Of course, the name of the company does not mean that you need to consume the coffee at eight o’clock sharp; it would look bewildering. Eight O’Clock Coffees is an extension of the Tata Global Beverages, located in New Jersey. The main headquarter of Eight O’Clock Coffees is in Landover, Maryland.

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Eight O’Clock Coffees

Eight O’Clock Coffees: History

The company was first launched in 1859 by The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. Later, Gryphon Investors acquired the company. The present owners, Tata Global Beverages, came into the picture later in 2006.

Even though The Great Atlantic and Pacific Company lost the ownership of the brand to Tata Global Beverages, it somehow still managed to sell coffee in their own outlets till 2015, when supermarkets were shut down.

And known as A&P, The Great Atlantic and Pacific Company were earlier known as Gilman and Company. It first began by selling coffee beans in bags. But they could not come up with the name of this business. At that time, coffee was also known by another name – Eight O’Clock Breakfast Coffee.

Apparently, the company also performed a survey that asked people at what time they would normally drink their coffees. The most common answer was eight O’clock, morning and evening. From then on, Eight O’Clock became the official name of the coffee brand. The company grew in popularity and captured almost a quarter of the market share in 1930.

Choices of the products

Eight O’Clock Coffees only sold whole coffee beans till the end of 2003. The beans were packed in a red bag and customers had the option to customize their orders. The packaging of the company changed from red to white in 2010.

The year 2010 saw many reforms and changes in the company. Eight O’Clock Coffees began to offer a lot of different coffee varieties like Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Dark Italian Roast, Mocha, French Roast, 100% Columbian, Original Blend, Bokar, Decaf Original, etc. Later, demands came in from customers for more varieties. This was when the brand came up with more varieties and divided the Original blend into k-cups, whole bean, and ground variants. Even the Dark Italian Roast was available in the whole bean and k-cup format.

The 50% Decaf is another popular coffee by Eight O’Clock Coffees, which was available in the whole bean and ground format. The company always worked hard to innovate and come up with new coffee variants for its customers and give them newer ways to enjoy their cups of coffee. As such, Eight O’Clock Coffees came up with new products like African Plains, Colombian Peaks, Central Highlands, etc.

What are the best coffee products at Eight O’Clock Coffees?

Coffee lovers are always on a lookout to consume coffee in many different manners. On one hand, some people opt for a latte while on the other, there are some that prefer flavored coffee. But the limitations are such that one would get over it, sooner or later. But Eight O’Clock Coffees plans to do exactly the opposite. Here, you will be greeted with a new variant of coffee each day. They will definitely taste great and have the perfect blend. Some common favorites include Dark Chocolate Cherry (grounded), Caramel Macchiato (grounded), Hazelnut (ground, whole bean, k-cup), Chocolate Mint (ground), French Vanilla (ground, whole bean), Cinnamon Bun (ground), etc.

The fun fact is that all these flavors were introduced in 2013 and still packs a punch. They come in red packaging, which is a reminder that these bags were popular even in 2003.

Types of special Coffees

It is no secret that you would love to indulge yourself in a bit of experimenting with coffee every once in a while. This is exactly what Eight O’Clock Coffees does. The company loves to provide the best coffee blends to its customers. As the company loves to call it, they love to fashion new coffees that suit the taste of the modern generations. Apart from the classic and authentic flavor of the coffee, you will be able to pick up some new tastes in it. These infusions will definitely brighten your day up. Some of the crowd-favorites include:

Super Spice

If you are a fan of spicy coffee, then the Super Spice is something that you can try. The finest Arabica coffee beans are ground with turmeric and cinnamon. Hence, it is quite a treat for people who prefer strong coffee. The roast is medium.

Alert Hi-Caffeine

Made of the best Arabica coffee beans, the Alert Hi-Caffeine is medium roasted to give a full-bodied flavor. As the name suggests, it has a high caffeine level that guarantees that you will not doze off on your work desk and keep you energized all day long.

Relax Decaffeinated

While having coffee in the morning is the regular practice, there are some that prefer to drink it at night. In such cases, the Relax Decaffeinated is the best option. It is a fine blend of chamomile and lavender that will relax you from the day’s stress.

Eight O’Clock Coffees is one of the most highly-praised coffee brands that has been in existence for many decades now. They keep up with the time and offer some of the wildest blends of coffee for the new generations. Don’t worry, you also get the old-time classics at Eight O’Clock Coffees. In case you want to taste the amazing range of coffees, you can simply visit the brand’s official website and place your orders. The best coffee will be at your doorsteps in no time!


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