Ecuadorian Coffee

There’s an increasing demand for organic coffee grown in sustainable environments in the USA today. With this, the roasters in the USA are looking to Ecuador and you will now often come across names like Zaruma, Loja, and Intag printed on the coffee beans bag that you buy. According to popular belief, it is said that Ecuador coffee that is of great quality has to grow at a high altitude. But the coffee growers of Ecuador grow coffee practically everywhere. At the highest points of the Andes, coffee in Ecuador is grown; as well as the lower areas of the Amazon Basin and Galapagos Islands. 

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Ecuadorian Coffee

Ecuadorian Coffee

Diversity is the word that comes to one’s mind when we talk about Ecuador. With a diversity in the geographical areas as well, Ecuador has the ability to produce different varieties of coffee which parallel one another in quality and taste. In the 19th century, coffee as a crop was made known to Ecuador and till the year 1970, it held the position of being one of the topmost crops that were exported from Ecuador.

In all honesty, the coffee business in Ecuador was much better earlier because in the later days coffee production went down because of the cuts in prices. Almost half of a million people in Ecuador earn their livelihood from the cultivation of coffee and yet they hardly receive much assistance. There is a pest problem which needs better technological aids to be beaten and boost the growth of coffee at the same time.

There is of course, the National Coffee Council or COFENAC which was formed to assist the coffee farmers in Ecuador. But, the truth remains that in practical life, farmers have complained that they do not receive much help from this organization.

So, what’s the big deal about Ecuadorian Coffee?

People might say that coffee is not particularly the reason why Ecuador is famous. In fact, its neighboring countries of Peru and Colombia have earned more acclaim for coffee production than Ecuador. So, why is there such a hue and cry about Ecuadorian Coffee? What is so special about it? Let’s find out:

A perfect climate

The place that Ecuador occupies geographically, gives it a climate that is most suitable for the growth and nurture of coffee. The standalone factor is the soil which has the fertility from volcanic remnants. The temperatures do not fluctuate very often and remain between 20 and 30°C. At an average, 1600 millimeters of rainfall is witness by Ecuador every rainy season. The altitudes are quite high with going up to 6000 m.a.s.l from the sea level.

Specialty coffee roasters

Unlike earlier days, the best of coffee production is not immediately transported from Ecuador to other countries. The big cities of Guayaquil, Cuenca, and Quito now have come up with local roasters. They have invested in expensive infrastructure so that they can roast their homegrown coffee in the best way possible.

Traviesa Coffee Roasters are one of the roasters who have their own retail shops where they roast the coffee. They rest have their own small production houses where the coffee gets roasted and is then sold at local retail shops and big markets in the large cities.

Enthusiastic growers

Growers of coffee in Ecuador have started to indulge in creating specialty coffees in the past few years. They have done their research well and have invested in latest technological aids to practice the production of specialty coffees.

Other sort of crops has been substitutedwith Arabica types like SL-28, Typica, Gesha, and Bourbon. A lot of local and national organizations offer their assistance today to the Ecuadorian farmers to produce coffee. This has helped them to increase the quality of their coffee and participate in competitions that are held internationally.

Great flavor

For people who like their coffee to have the true flavor of dark coffee, Ecuadorian coffee is the best. Esencia de café is a type of coffee in Ecuador that people absolutely love. The coffee is thick and dark in color which has a rich, creamy feel to it when consumed with hot milk. It has a very syrupy texture that is perfect for a cup of well blended coffee.

The distinct taste

The essence of Ecuadorian coffee is not exactly very strong but verges on the moderate side. The flavor is also something that everyone will like. The acidic content in the coffee is high, which is why it comes with a very distinct taste that people love. If you have had coffees from Central and South America, then you will also like Ecuadorian coffees, as they taste quite similar to each other.

The famous Barista competition

The fact that Ecuador is the host country for the prestigious National Barista Championship is proof enough that Ecuador produces great coffee. Baristas from multiple countries and locations come to Ecuador to participate in this championship. They display and educate people about their techniques of growing coffee and what qualities their coffee beans have. In this way, everyone gains a lot of knowledge and experience to enhance their own type of coffee.

All of this means that the environment in Ecuador is extremely congenial for growing coffee which requires specific temperatures to have a superior taste. If the farmers protect their crops form pests, which is a significant problem, then they can produce some of the finest coffee in the world.

If you are a coffee lover, then there’s no way you can miss Ecuadorian coffee. It has to be tried at least once in a lifetime and we can promise that you won’t be disappointed. The best thing is to actually go to Ecuador and get their coffee from one of the local roasters. But if you are unable to do that then there are always online sellers who will deliver the exact type of Ecuadorian coffee that you want, right at your doorstep.

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