Did you know that roasting is one of the significant factors that influence the taste of coffee. Unlike coffee that is produced in mass using standardized methods, custom roasting is much preferred by coffee enthusiasts.

This is because the roasting method is varied based on the flavor profile of the bean varieties. The customization helps in maximizing the coffee flavor via the roasting.  So let us see the various coffee roast types now.

Major Coffee Roast Types

Basically roasts are divided into three categories namely light, medium and full or dark roast. Let us see what each of these types comprises of.

  1. Light roast as the name suggests denotes roasting of coffee lightly. Also called as first crack, the beans are roasted only for a short time until they undergo initial expansion and cracks begin to form.

The light roasted beans appear pale and they are also dry. This result in less body of the coffee and the beans do not have any trace of roasting.

Coffee brewed from the light roast beans thus has less body and higher acidity. However, it also has a diverse flavor profile. Some light roast coffee varieties include cinnamon roast and half city roast.

  1. Medium roast is similar to the light roast beans in dryness but has a bit more sweetness to it because of the caramelization process the beans undergo.

Thus you will have a more full bodied coffee with lower acidity level. However, the flavor is compressed with a predominant bitter taste. The varieties here include breakfast, regular, American and full city medium roasts.

  1. Full roast also called as dark roast coffee denotes coffee bean that has undergone second crack and the beans appear shinier due to oil exuding from the bean by roasting.

The taste of this type of coffee is more pronounced with spicy notes. The taste is thicker and leaves an oily feeling in your mouth. The varieties found in this type include French roast, Italian Espresso, Continental and Viennese.

Other Coffee Roast Types

Besides the above categories, there are others such as double roast and espresso coffee beans. Double roast is charred or smoky as the beans are roasted until they start to smoke. This has less body than the dark or medium types but has a sweet taste. The varieties here include Turkish, Spanish and French double roasts.

Espresso coffee is made under high pressure and temperature with caramelized dark or medium roasts. Italian, French, Vienna and full city roasts are ideal for making espresso coffee.

As you can see there are different roast types and based on the flavor you prefer you can choose the specific type you want. Custom roasted coffees are available now which provide the convenience of choosing the flavor you prefer. While dark and medium roasts are the popular varieties that coffee companies market, lighter roasts have an actually better taste as they do not have the bitter or roasty flavor that you associate with good flavored coffee. With light roasts, you will not have to use sugar or cream to tone down the bitterness.