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If we are talking precision, then you can’t beat Diedrich Coffee there. They take account of minute details in the whole process of manufacturing of their coffee. This starts right from the farms where the coffee beans are grown and nurtured. Even the roasting process is done with extreme care so that every type of bean keeps its essential qualities intact.


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Diedrich Coffee

History of Diedrich Coffee

Diedrich Coffee was established in the year 1980 by someone called Stephan Diedrich. So, the company is named after the founder. Initially, the company started off with the name Diedrich Manufacturing Inc. which did quite well as a roaster. Due to his long standing experience in the coffee industry, Stephan knows a lot about every step of the process of manufacturing coffee. Naturally, his knowledge and experience are applied in the creation of Diedrich coffee.

Back in the 1970s, the retail industry of coffee started to grow. It was then that Stephan had the idea of coming up with a roasting method that would be different than the existing ones. The new method would be advanced and would serve for the creation of specialty coffees.

In the last 70 years, the roasting procedure of coffee has undergone no changes. Roasters were in the form of atmospheric gas burners which did not serve well. This was because there was an uneven distribution of heat around the roasting drum. This meant that, while some areas were hot, others would remain cold. Additionally, there was no possibility of a finite flow of air through the roasting drum. Hence, the limitations would hamper the roasters from producing coffees with smooth and unique blends.

At this time, Stephan applied his ideas and came up with his revolutionary roaster named the Diedrich IR-12 Coffee Roaster. This totally changes the roasting scenario in the coffee industry. This roaster was styled in such a way so as to allow the coffee to keep its basic flavors intact. If a perfect balance is struck among the elements of airflow, timing, and the heat, then Stephan’s roaster could produce the perfect conditions for the roasting of coffee. And this would work with any kind of coffee beans.

The burners of Stephan’s roaster were infrared and the technology received a patent as well. This could make the type of coffee that any coffee lover would die for. Soon, this roaster took America by a storm. But this was not it for Stephan. He wanted more for his company and started coming up with new models of roasters and other equipments required for roasting of coffee.

Why choose Diedrich Coffee?

The sole motive of Diedrich coffee from the start has been to take the art of producing, roasting, and making coffee to a whole new dimension. And, the company has proved its worth in many different ways. Talk about small roasters or giant ones, Diedrich Coffee’s range of products allows any roaster to create the most sought after blends. Let us have a look at some of their best products:

Diedrich automation

A Diedrich automation belong to second-gen and works with the IR and CR series. This automation will help you to polish up your roasting process. The best part is that it is user-friendly. There are various roast profiles with this appliance as well. This will keep a track 6 seconds of every customary roast that is for the duration of 25 minutes. Plus, you can also connect this to handy devices like computer or phones.

Cocoa bean roasting machines

More than coffee, a Cocoa bean roasting machine will handle pure cocoa better. Built with advanced technologies, this machine will have a burner placement, a roasting drum, and a cooling bin. There is a facility in North Idaho where every machine of Diedrich Coffee is hand crafted with the choicest of parts.

Roasting lamp

A roasting lamp will go above the trowel to give you light and help you inspect the roasting samples better. So, even if its night time and you want to have a close look at your batch of coffee, you can benefit greatly from this roasting lamp.

6 Sensor data logging package

 For some advanced type of roasting, you can use a 6 Sensor data logging package which will let you refine your process. The temperature can be better regulated with four censors and what’s more, you can also receive the information on your handy devices like phones.

If you come across the name of Diedrich Coffee somewhere today, you will notice the fascination it has among its customers. This is only due to their hard-work, their will to serve their consumers, and their sheer love for coffee. For them, coffee making is a lot more than just a business venture that will give them money. Their commitment to the process of making their coffee and other products is a living proof of that.

For all the environmentally conscious people out there, Diedrich coffee also produces roasters that are environment friendly. So, go ahead and do yourself a favor along with doing one for the environment. Today, Diedrich coffee has grown from being a start-up to a full fledged company that Stephan and his wife Becky maintain.

With so many positive factors and benefits, you must try out a bag of coffee made by Diedrich Coffee. All you have to do is just place and order online and they will reach to your doorstep in no time. Don’t waste any more time and grab your bag of goodness today!

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