Dark Roast Coffee

Dark roast coffee has a very intense and rich flavor, coupled with full body properties. Some common flavor profiles you will taste are nutty and dark chocolate, burnt, and with a slightly syrupy body. Many people have the wrong idea about dark roasted coffees and end up thinking that they taste burnt. In fact, most are not even sure of what they are looking for when they are choosing the type of roast for their coffees. This depends entirely on what flavors of coffee they are looking for. For example, beans that are grown the elevated regions like the Blue Mountain coffees in Jamaica tend to be denser. Thanks to this denseness, the beans release an intense and rich aroma when dark roasted.

When it comes to the flavor of dark roasted coffees, it is mostly earthy, chocolaty and nutty. It has a full body which is a little syrupy as well. The coffee beans also give out floral, fruity and sweet flavors, which are not highlighted in light roasting.


Top Dark Roast Coffees

Dark Roast Coffee

How is the coffee roasted?

Roasting coffee beans bring out its aromatic qualities and flavors that, otherwise, remain hidden. Roasting coffee beans involves exposing the beans to high temperatures and then removed once they reach the right roasting degree. The roasted coffee beans are much lighter than green coffee beans when roasted. They have the flavors and the aroma, but the texture is very different. Roasted beans are crunchier and can be ground for brewing. The darker the roast, the less acidic and bitter the coffee is.

Why do people prefer dark roasted coffee?

One of the most major reasons why people go for dark roasts is that they are available everywhere. The flavors can also be extracted easily and are ideal for cold coffee brewing. Dark roasted coffee beans are also affordable and cheap, unlike light roasted coffee.

What is the most traditional way of dark roasting coffee?

Most of the coffee that is available in the market are mostly dark roasted traditionally. Most customers around the world are already familiar with the history of the dark roasting method. In the old ages, roasting was done to remove the inferior tastes that hid the actual flavors of coffee. Today, this is the reason why most coffee commercials opt for the roasting method. With the help of roasting, you can finely balance the flavors in the coffee beans for longer periods.

What is the flavor profile of dark roasted coffee?

Coffee beans with black and brown shades of color usually have a lesser amount of acidity, in contrast to light and medium-roasted coffee beans. The coffee mostly loses its acidity the longer it is roasted in high temperatures.

Coffee beans with low densities require a very little amount of heat to open them and release small nuances of delicious taste when roasted. These flavors usually build as the roasting process continues. In the end, you will get better flavors with dark roasting.

The texture and aroma of smooth coffee beans depend on how dark the roast is and the type of coffee bean that is being used for roasting. Common aromatic properties include a carbonic and smoky smell which can become unbearable if the roasting process is prolonged.

The more the coffee beans are being roasted, the shinier it becomes. Also, these dark roasted beans will also have more bitterness than light or medium-roasted beans. When it comes to brewing them, you need to do so with care so to not over-extract the bitter flavors of the coffee beans.

Dark roasts tend to be oilier than other roasts. The body of the beans also peaks with dark roasts and the overall flavors and aroma enhance. But you need to be careful because over-roasting the beans will decrease the sweetness and the fruity and floral flavors of the coffee. These delicate flavors are generally lost when the roasts become darker. A common flavor of dark roasted coffee is the taste of dark and bitter chocolate, spicy tones of black pepper and clove, and savory flavors. The aroma can be smoky and nutty.

Pros of using dark roasted coffee

Dark roasting coffee will result in a rich full body with more intense flavors. If you are looking for a strong coffee drink without any specific flavors in your mind, then a dark roast coffee is the best. Small quantities of dark roasted coffees taste much better than light or medium-roasted coffees. The high temperatures used for roasting coffee gives the beans a much stronger flavor profile. Hence, dark roast coffee is much cheaper than light or medium-roasted coffee.

Cons of using dark roasted coffee

Dark roast coffee beans become stronger and much intense than other delicate coffee flavors. This means that when you dark roast your coffee beans, you are actually masking the original green coffee aroma and flavors in the beans. However, most people prefer the next developed flavor after the roasting process.

From the same perspective of flavor masking, dark roasts help cover up the unpleasant flavors as well. It is not possible to identify good quality coffee in the case of dark roast coffee, especially if the coffee bean is not dense enough. Hence, it is recommended that you check the quality of the dark roast beans before purchasing them.

When you are buying dark roast coffee blends, always go for the 100% Arabica beans. This is because the coffee beans are of the best quality. Although they are a bit expensive, you can also choose other coffee brands that have a good reputation in the market. Or else, you can always buy other popular brands.

Tips for roasting the best brew from dark roasted coffees

  1. Dark roasted coffees tend to lose their freshness very fast. Hence, it is important that you purchase dark roast coffee from companies that have the fastest delivery services. Also, you need to ensure that you consume them really fast before they go stale. Pre-ground coffee can also compromise the taste of the coffee because a lot of flavors are lost minutes after getting grounded. For the best cup of rich coffee, it is recommended that you go for fresh ground or roasted coffee.
  2. Make use of right-sized coffee beans for dark roasting. Preferably, you can go for medium coarse coffee beans. This is because the water will flow well in between the beans and the dripping will be much faster. Also, there will be no over-extraction of flavor.
  3. Make use of the right roasting method. In the case of drum roasting, the chaff is not removed during the process and results in a burnt and unpleasant flavor. On the other hand, air roasting gives the coffee a cleaner and tastier flavor.

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