Cuban Coffee

Often popularly known by the name of Cafecito, Cuban Coffee is quite well known among coffee lovers who like their coffee a bit strong. The original Cuban Coffee will be dark brown in color and will have a hint of bitterness combined with sweet espuma. The ground is pretty smooth which makes the robust taste of Cuban coffee stand out. Most people prefer having Cuban coffee in the form of espresso served in demitasse cups.


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Cuban Coffee

Take a Look at Cuban Coffee

Cuba started growing coffee somewhere in the middle of the 1700s. By the time it was 1790, Cuba was already producing a large amount of coffee beans and exporting them to Spain. A turning point in the coffee industry of Cuba happened when coffee farmers from France who took refuge in Cuba when they were flying away from the French revolution.

While Cuba is known for sugar, what was surprising was that the coffee produce and sales took over the sugar sales during the 1820s. Cuban coffee has had its low days as well because of the fall of the Soviet Union which used to be the central patron of Cuban coffee.

Regions in Cuba for the growth of Coffee

The Sierra Maestra Mountains in Cuba which lie in the east of Cuba is a major contributor in the producing of coffee. The climate in this region is very congenial for the growth of coffee and the soil is extremely fertile because of the presence of humus in it. What is the best part about getting coffee from this part is that it will be totally organic. This is because the soil is naturally fertile and does not require the use of any artificial growth enhancer like fertilizers.

Other regions where Cuban coffee of good quality is grown are Guaniguanico to the west of Cuba, Escambray Mountains which is located in the central part of Cuba, and the Nipe and Sagua-Baracoa Mountains which are in the east.

How is Cuban coffee procured?

The places in the Sierra Maestra Mountains where a lot of coffee is grown, have a tradition of picking every coffee bean by hand from the tree. There are precipitous hillsides where coffee is grown and then the farmers carry out the produce by filling them into sacks. Later, these sacks are positioned on the backs of mules who carry it to the areas where they will be dried.

The usual way the farmers process the Cuban coffee beans is roasting the coffee beans first and then ground them by hand in a mortar made of wood. The grounded coffee is them soaked in hot water and the coffee beans are taken out through a strainer which is made from fine quality cloth.

Features of Cuban coffee

Also known as Cafecito, Cuban coffee is not just a type of coffee but also a certain way to have your coffee. It is an Espresso variant that emerged in Cuba with the arrival of the Italians in the country. The Cafecito gained popularity during this time and later went on to become a favorite of coffee lovers all across the world.

Cafecito uses demerara sugar at the beginning when the coffee is being brewed. Depending on the recipe of the coffee drink, the method will also change. But, if we go by the usual way, then demerara sugar will be put into the container into which the espresso will be poured. This is done to make the mixing of the espresso with the sugar smooth so that the coffee is of an excellent blend.

What is so special about Cuban Coffee?

Cuban coffee has its own distinct flavor and taste that no other coffee will be able to give you. Especially if you are a coffee expert, then you will know the taste of the heated sugar blended with the coffee. This is very different from other coffees where sugar is added at the end. However, you can also take a tiny amount of espresso coffee and beat it to create a thick paste of brown color. Then you can you add the rest of the coffee to create a foamy layer which is known as the espumita.

Varieties of Cuban Coffee

If you are thinking that Cuban coffee is just one type of coffee then you are mistaken. There are quite some varieties in Cuban coffee, which you can choose from, depending on your taste in coffee. Here are the varieties:


Also known as Café Cubano, this is one of the oldest varieties of Cuban coffee that speaks of its rich tradition. Regular coffee beans are used in the brewing process along with sugar. You can say that this coffee equals the strength of American coffee and is served in a tiny cup called Colada.


This coffee needs to be ordered in larger quantities if a lot of people are sharing it. It is the same as Cafecito, and differs just in the quantity. It is served in a large cup which can be further poured into smaller cups to be shared among all.


Cortadito is more like a diluted version of Café Cubano. The primary ingredient here is milk. A lot of hot milk is mixed with the recipe of Café Cubano to make Cortadito.

 Café Con Leche

This type of coffee comes just like a Cafecito but you will also be served hot milk in a separate container. You can just add the milk according to your liking, to the espresso and enjoy a steaming cup of delicious coffee.

If you ever happen to visit Cuba, then there is no way you can miss the Cuban coffee. But if you never have the opportunity to do so, then do not be disheartened. You can quickly order and get delivered the best quality Cuban Coffee to your doorstep. You just have to select your favorite type and place an order. And soon, you will be enjoying a hot cup of the most savory coffee while sitting in the comfort of your cozy home.


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