Costa Rican Coffee

Costa Rican Coffee is considered the best in the world. A high-quality Costa Rican coffee has a full body, crisp acidity, and robust flavor. This great coffee comes from the coffee plant Coffea arabica var. caturra and Catuai. These coffee plants grow at a high altitude ranging from 1200 to 1650 meters. So, take home Costa Rican coffees directly from coffee roasters to experience the full flavor of these premium coffee beans. If you like your coffee to be full-bodied with lively acidity and clean taste, Costa Rican Coffee is the right one for you.

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Costa Rican Coffee

5 Reasons for why to choose Costa Rican Coffee

Costa Rica is well-known for its beaches and delicious foods. However, coffee from Costa Rica is what most people yearn for. Undoubtedly, Costa Rica has the best coffee in the world. If you do not believe us, take a look below at a few reasons why Costa Rican coffee is great.

1. Get only the best

In Costa Rica, it is illegal to grow any kind of coffee than 100% Arabica. It is the highest rated and premium quality coffee beans. It is the only country all over the world that passed a law in 1989 for prohibiting the low-quality coffee beans production. This is the reason that Costa Rican growers touch excellence when it comes to coffee.

Arabica coffee beans are a particular coffee variety, which is really difficult to grow. When these coffee beans mature, they offer full-bodied and rich flavors leading to the finest blends. So, coffee is taken much seriously in Costa Rica and hence, you get only the best.

2. Ideal tropical climate

Plants that deliver Arabica coffee beans require particular climate conditions so as to thrive. These climate conditions include mild temperatures and high altitude. The mountain ranges and warm temperatures of Costa Rica offer the perfect weather to produce the premium Arabica coffee beans.

This country has two seasons only, rainy and dry season. Both of these seasons are ideal to grow coffee. Here, the temperature varies by just ten degrees between 17 to 28 degrees Celsius all through the year. On the other hand, the average rainfall lies between 2000 to 3000 millimeters while coffee plants are grown at attitudes like 800 to 1600 meters.

High altitudes and heavy rainfall form ideal farmland as well as a spectacular backdrop for the country. More than 70 perfect of Costa Rican coffee is grown in the hilly regions at higher altitudes. The volcanic ash enriches the soil that even oxygenates the coffee beans. These factors influence the body, aroma, acidity, and flavor of the coffee they produce. So, what place can be better than Costa Rica to grow the premium coffee!

3. Hand-picked coffee

The act of growing coffee in Costa Rica is a tradition. Here, epicurean coffee makers believe the secret for the top brews is to slow down the process. That’s why they only pluck and process the ripest coffee beans when they go out to pick them. Instead of picking each and every bean from a plant at the same time, they treat every bean as individually unique and full of potential. Costa Rican farmers are pursuing this business from generations and take pride in their culture for growing coffee. So, they make sure that Costa Rican coffee yields the best flavors in the world by allowing coffee beans to mature wholly.

4. Lots of coffee regions

There is not a single coffee region in Costa Rica but eight coffee regions in total. All of these coffee regions produce rich and unique flavors of coffee. The diverse climate of this country leads to a wide range of humidity and microclimates, which makes it perfect to yield different arrays of coffee.

Out of all these coffee regions, Tarrazú is world-renowned for its heavy aromas and acidic taste. Valle Occidental is admired for the restrained tip-off of apricots and peaches in its coffee beans while Brunca produces some of the moderate coffee flavors. The diverse changes in climate and humidity lead every region to produce distinct flavors. So, you can enjoy your coffee in eight diverse ways.

5. Good environment

Costa Rican beans are good because of the good environment. When you enjoy their blends at home or visit Costa Rica for coffee, they make sure you are not contributing to any harmful or waste farming practices. This country is committed to preserving the planet due to its law for protected 21% of the land.

The culture of Costa Rica encourages inhabitants to adore and protect the wonderful habitat they have been given. The commitment of coffee growers makes sense when it comes to ethical and sustainable growing practices. The way in which they grow coffee is great for the planet while producing the best coffee in the world.

Growing regions of Costa Rican Coffee

Tarrazu Coffee

The region Tarrazu produces the great Costa Rice coffee all around the world. This region is about 1,350 meters above the sea level while surrounding with higher-altitude Mountains. The premium coffee from this region is known to be heavy-bodied with a complex aroma.

Monte Crisol Coffee

It is another region, where some of the best coffee is grown. This coffee from West Central Valley delivers fruity brightness, sweetness, and silk body. Coffee brews exhibit blueberry top notes while have a buttery finish.

Alajuela Coffee

This region produces coffee at altitudes like 1200-1600 meters. Alajuela Coffee is best-known for its apricot and apple flavors. Its primary varietals include Catuai and Caturra.

Cartago Coffee

The region Cartago lies in the Valle Del Guarco, which is a dead-center in Costa Rica. The top notes of Cartago coffee includes its great nutty and spice flavor. Its primary varietals include Caturra and Catuai.

Heredia and Tres Rios Coffees

These coffees are well-known for their rich and full body. Coffees from Heredia offer a robust flavor and bright acidity. Coffees from Tres Rios are known for their sweet and mild flavor.

Other coffee producing regions:

  • Orosi
  • West Valley
  • Brunca
  • Turrialba
  • Guanacasce

Costa Rica produces some of the finest coffees that the world has ever seen. Roasters from all over the world produce Costa Rican coffee beans. You can go with roasts like light, medium, and dark as per your toast. Light roasts offer a clean and sweet taste with mild acidity. Medium roasts offer a pleasant sweetness and a full body. Dark roasts will produce a smooth and nice flavor. No matter what roast you go with, Costa Rican coffee will serve you with the best. So, choose a great cup of coffee by choosing Costa Rican coffee!

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