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When the Sun, Moon and the Earth are in perfect alignment with each other, a rarely-occurring phenomenon takes place and makes the moon look like a copper ball. Similarly, a certain company called Copper Moon Coffees offers its customers with artistic cups of coffee. You will find that every variety of coffee at Copper Moon Coffees have the highest standards. In fact, you can even taste the motto, “from crop to coffee”, in the final and fresh products.

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Copper Moon Coffees: History

Copper Moon Coffees is run by the Gutwein family. They first started out by sourcing and roasting Arabica coffee beans. Later, the family left Hungary and settled in America in 1920, with one purpose – freedom. Once here, they started their milling flour business.

After some years, the family set up the Gutwein Milling Company in Indiana. At a time like this, milling flour had a very high demand in America. Phillip and his eight children automatically became the shareholders of the company and profited a lot from the business.

Later, the family began to step into the wholesale feed business. The roots of the company began to expand and the Gutwein family dedicated their attention to becoming a feed mill. Sadly, a fire broke out in 1950 and almost destroyed the family business. After this incident, Nate Gutwein decided to attend college and rebuild the family business from scratch.

Nate began working on the business after he returned and the company started expanding and distributing wholesale feed to states like Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois. They even stepped into the livestock and grain farming business.

Soon, the company started expanding its business to a lot of different unconventional family businesses like wild bird food, etc. Currently, you will see more than five Gutwein manufacturing plants in America alone. The Gutwein Brothers truly turned the face and fortune of the company and gave it a bright future.

Moving into the coffee business

The Gutwein Brothers acquired The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company in the later years and wanted to expand its product line. The Brothers were coffee fans for decades. In 2005, they attended a trade show where their eyes met a coffee business in a display. They decided to apply their skills and knowledge in the fields of agriculture, production, marketing, and packaging to form a brand new coffee business. Alternatively, it also made more sense to capture the coffee market, since the business is global and recession-free.

Copper Moon Coffee was successfully acquired from Sun Capital Partners (Florida) by Cary and Brad Gutwein in 2007. Later, coffee became the center of the family’s business pursuit and has acquired several other coffee-related brands as well. The strength of the Gutwein family is that all the family members work together, exactly how the forefathers did when they moved to America more than a century ago.

What makes Copper Moon Coffees so special?

Copper Moon Coffees make use of only the most premium and fine Arabica coffee beans that deliver a lot of different tastes and flavor. Only the best seeds are picked by hand and roasted in high altitude places with tropical climatic conditions. This is because such places have a high amount of nutrients that are required for the best growth of coffee plants.

A lot of places offer such growing conditions. Some are:


Located in the middle of the lush mountain ranges of Central America, Nicaragua houses one of the many coffee plantations of Copper Moon Coffees. The best coffee beans are produced in the Finca Monet Esperanza Estate while supporting the coffee farmers financially and their land. This estate is known all over the world for delivering the best specialty coffee and has received a lot of awards for eco-tourism too.


The most flavorful Bourbon, Jackson, and Mbezi coffee are grown at the Abakundakawa Cooperative, which is located in the tropical mountain ranges of Gakenke district, Rwanda. Overall, Rwanda has about five distinct zones. Women constitute the majority of the workforce in these areas. The most famous coffees from Rwanda are Hirakawa and Dakundakawa.


The best coffee from Peru has hints or oranges, herbs and nuttiness, coupled with bright acidity. This coffee plant is grown in the high lands around San Ignacio and Jaen in Peru. Each one of these coffee beans is subjected to a very special and technical washing process. They are fermented immediately and sun-dried until they are ready to be processed for high-grade specialty coffee.


The best Ethiopian coffee is cultivated in the Yirgacheffe of Ethiopia. Right from the crop to the cup process, it is the collaboration between coffee farmers in the region. You will notice a flower and fruit-toned taste here, the type of coffee the region is known to produce. Only the best classic Arabica coffee beans are picked by hand for further processing. These beans are very aromatic, with complex and intense notes of citrus and floral ones.

The roasting method utilized at Copper Moon Coffees

Each batch of coffee beans is roasted with the best care possible at Copper Moon Coffees. Perforated drum roasters are used primarily because it allows you to roast coffee beans at lower temperatures, thereby maintaining consistent aroma and flavors. In the end, you are left with full-bodied roasts that are very smooth. You can blend the most perfect coffee with these roasts and end up with a captivating cup of coffee.

About the Copper Moon Coffee Recyclable cups

Coffee is a commodity that will only rise in popularity with time, as it is a very convenient and easy product to consume. Copper Moon Coffees have devised a solution that will boost your coffee’s flavor and recycle waste at the same time. Yes, the answer is the Copper Moon recyclable coffee cups.

Made out of polypropylene plastic, this coffee has worked towards making sure that the customers are enjoying their cups of coffee while doing their bit to save the environment. This is an environmental-friendly solution that the company is extremely proud of and will continue to do so as long as it is doing its bit to save the planet and the palate of the people, at the same time.

From the information above, it is safe to say that Copper Moon Coffees is one such company that has a very high standard. And to make sure that this standard is met in every cup of coffee dished out, Copper Moon Coffee’s employers and employees are playing their parts very well. You will definitely avail a great and smooth tasting cup of coffee with a splendid aroma and texture that you cannot simply resist. You will not regret this decision, for sure.

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