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Known as Burr Mill, a coffee grinder is a grinder, which is used to grind coffee beans to powder. Using a coffee grinder, coffee lovers can get uniform-sized coffee for making a perfect cup of coffee. It makes a great yet the easiest way to get this whole task done.

Most of the people prefer burr grinders over blade grinders as they deliver unique results. Moreover, burr grinders produce less friction and heat. As you know, friction and heat affect the quality of coffee, where burr mills try to keep them intact.


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Veken Coffee Grinder Electric Spice & Nut Grinder with Stainless Steel Blade, Detachable Power Cord Coffee Bean Grinder for Coffee Grounds, Grains, 12 Cups (black)

  • EFFICIENTLY GRIND- The motor of the grinder is quite powerful when revving. The grinder can do the job well, taking just a few seconds to chop up from coffee beans to grounds. Also it works amazingly well to grind up other fairly hard materials with ease.
  • PERFECT SIZE- Compact design takes minimum space and can be stored easily. It can fit nicely for your counter, cupboard and drawer. Despite its small size, 50g grinding capacity yields up to 12 cups of coffee which is enough for your family and friends to share.
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN- The fully-embedded cover protect the coffee ground from spilling out and the top is clear so you can see what is going on in the grinder. The power cord can be detached when not in use. Low noise motor will not disturb your family while you prepare their morning cup.
  • MULTIPLE USES - Not just grinding coffee bean, our grinder can also grind spices, nuts, herbs, pepper, seeds, grains and more! The grinder can grind coffee bean perfectly consistent for french press, espresso, turkish or drip coffee.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We are dedicated to providing the best after-sales service! Just try our products because we are confident that you will love them. If for any reason you don't absolutely love them, send 1 simple email to us and we will refund your purchase price with no questions asked (In fact, you don't even have to return the grinder).

Coffee Grinders

About Coffee Grinders

Coffee grinders are even referred to as burr mills. These grinders help you to grind your coffee with quite an ease. A burr mill lets you grind coffee in a uniform manner. People go for this kind of a coffee grinder as compared to other grinders.

There is another kind of coffee grinder called blade grinder. In these grinders, a blade is used here to blend coffee into finer particles. Most of the coffee lovers have enjoyed grinding coffee through these grinders over time. Blade grinders work faster than other grinders while delivering decent yet satisfying results. Here, coffee beans are made to pass through abrasive surfaces, which are set at a specific distance preferred by the user. It allows the user to keep a check on the quality as well as the texture of the grind.

Different Range of Coffee Grinders

One can find a lot of varieties in the market when it comes to a coffee grinder. Here, you will learn about the main coffee grinders that one can make use of. On a general basis, there are four kinds of coffee grinders, which include Disc grinder, conical grinder, Burr grinder, and Blade grinder.

1. Coffee Grinder

This type of coffee grinder is the best one out there. With this coffee grinder, you can grind coffee to a perfect and right texture you like. These grinders grind coffee beans to perfection. Usually, this coffee grinder holds a capacity of 4 to 12 cups.

The machine comes with a safety switch, which makes the entire grinding process a lot easier and safer. Here, you can enjoy several types of a grind like medium to coarse to the super fine one. So, you have the choice to go with your preferred grind.

2. Electric Coffee Grinder

Electric Coffee grinder is another grinder that most people are using for many years. This grinder lets you grind coffee beans without creating any mess. The other great thing about electric coffee grinder is its noiseless operation, which makes it easier to carry the entire process without making noise. In comparison with other grinders, electric coffee grinders are quite stronger.

On the other hand, electric grinders deliver their services faster than other grinders. With this unimaginable speed, this coffee grinder assists in cutting coffee beans to the user’s taste. Epica is one of the popular brands that manufacture this kind of coffee grinder. Mr. Coffee is another such brand, which offers electric grinders with the capacity around 4-12 cups. Here, you even get a transparent lid and an automatic switch.

3. Cuisinart Supreme Grind Burr Grinder

One of the best burr grinders come from Cuisinart. This machine comprises 18 options for the grind. This helps to easily grind around 4-18 cups of coffee at one go. Users can adjust this coffee grinder to the preferred setting to let it deliver the texture you desire for your coffee.

Cuisinart burr grinder comes with a transparent lid. Due to this visible cap, you can see the texture and quality of the grind. Lift the cap to check the grind quality with quite an ease.

4. Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Conical Burr Coffee Grinder counts among a few grinders that come with an integrated scale. There is an in-built scale assists you in knowing how much amount you need to put in for delivering how many cups. So, it effectively resolves the issue of “Too less” and “Too much”.

Conical burr grinders comprise a low-speed and high torque motor. This motor prevents overheating of the coffee beans. It offers a more prolonged life due to the presence of a built-in overheating detection mechanism. Here, you can even an automatic shutoff feature, which delivers the precise grind every time.

Benefits of a coffee grinder

Some prefer to go for the already ground coffee. Some prefer to enjoy their coffee fresh and clean. Here, you will know about the benefits of owning a personal coffee grinder. So, let’s get started!]

1. Convenient Grinding

The foremost reason for purchasing a coffee grinder is the convenience. With a coffee grinder, you can make the entire process of grinding your coffee a lot easier. Coffee grinders allow you to start the coffee processing in your own way. The best part is that you can get done with all within a few minutes. So, start to save your money and time with your own coffee grinder.

2. Rich Flavor

It is a fact that coffee begins to oxidize just after 2 minutes of the grinding process. Hence, a personal coffee grinder will help to preserve the rich flavor and unique taste of your coffee all the time. The oxidization process is even called stalling, which changes the overall taste of your coffee. So, brew your coffee soon after grinding to deliver a delicious and safe cup of coffee.

3. Grind Consistency

Coffee grinders are known to deliver consistent grinding. Due to this sole reason, coffee lovers like to go for coffee grinders. To have a consistent cup of coffee, you definitely need to have well-crushed coffee beans. Here, you get the upper hand to choose the grind level that you prefer.

4. Easy Mobility

One can carry coffee grinders anywhere anytime. Coffee grinders serve as the best companion to all coffee aficionados. The portable size of a grinder makes it ideal to carry it along. With a personal coffee grinder, no matter you get your favorite food or not, but your perfect cup of coffee will always be delivered to you.

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