Celestial Tea

A subsidiary of Celestial Seasonings, Celestial Tea is an herbal tea company that was formed by Peggy Clute, John Hay, and Mo Siegal in Colorado in 1969. Even after almost five decades, Celestial Tea remains one of the top tea producing companies in the world. The brand is known for selling more than 105 varieties of tea, which is almost equal to 1.6 billion cups each year. Celestial Tea also offers tours of its facilities to about 2.1 million visitors each year.

Best Celestial Teas

Celestial Tea

Celestial Tea

The brand has been influencing the overall tea market even after it was first founded. A host of herbal teas and flavors were introduced by them that gave tea drinkers something to think about and change their approach to the flavor of the tea. Since its inception, Celestial Tea has been known primarily for its wide range of flavors. The brand makes use of herbs from forests and fields to make tea, one flavor at a time. This process has been followed diligently since its inception.

Apart from being a tea company, Celestial Tea is also known to be a philanthropic company, has made significant donations to several charity events and organizing and helping communities all around the world change their lifestyles. These acts of kindness and charity earned the company respect and honors all around the world and helped them become one of the top-tier tea companies.

Here, we will be discussing the brand. If you are a tea lover, you should definitely consider purchasing Celestial Tea products, which has a lot of health benefits for the human body.

Celestial Tea Products

Celestial Tea is a top-rated tea company that is known to offer more than 105 different types of tea. Some of the best Celestial Tea products and their features are:

Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea, Fruit Tea Sampler, 18 Count (Pack of Six)

This particular herbal tea is one of the most favorite Celestial Tea Packs. It is very popular among the masses and is known to be a great blend of aroma and flavor. Celestial Tea started off by trying to create a blend of tea and fruit and ended up with this unique tea beverage. The company is known to produce something that is considered as one-in-a-million, and this product definitely can be considered in this category.

The Fruit Sampler is packed in a beautiful pack that consists of six different flavors – Black Cherry Berry, True Berry, Wilde Berry Zinger, Country Peach Passion, and Raspberry Zinger flavors. You will find 18 tea bags of each flavor in the pack. This tea is free of gluten and caffeine and made without the aid of artificial preservatives.

Celestial Seasonings Wellness Tea, Sleepytime Extra

The Sleepytime is yet crowd-favorite tea in terms of popularity. The Sleepytime is an herbal tea manufactured by Celestial Tea that improves the overall health of the individual, especially those who are suffering from insomnia or sleeping disorders. This tea aids in sleeping.

Since the Sleepytime is an herbal tea, its ingredients are organic and picked from naturally-grown plants. The tea is packed in an elegant pack that contains about 40 tea bags, which are gluten- and caffeine-free. It will only take about 4-6 minutes for the Sleepytime to get mixed properly in a cup of hot water.

Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea, True Blueberry

A perfect blend of blueberry and tea, the True Blueberry is a tea that was made keeping tea lovers in mind. Since Celestial Tea knew that tea lovers like to experiment with their tea, they came up with a tea flavor that comprises of tea and blueberry flavors in a perfect ratio.

You will see 20 tea bags of True Blueberry in the package. There are no added artificial preservatives or flavors added to the taste. You can either add this tea flavor in cold or hot water and takes less than five minutes for the flavor to blend completely in the water.

Spicy Masala Chai Energy Tea

In an attempt to create a substitute for coffee, Celestial Tea came up with the Spicy Masala Chai Energy Tea. This is a mix of caffeinated and herbal tea that serves as an energy boost. This Masala Chai is one of the most-demanded tea in the market by Celestial Tea.

Packed in elegant packaging, this particular tea has been voted The Best New Tea Product of 2015 at the World of Tea Expo. Since this tea contains caffeine, it is a perfect replacement for coffee. It contains amino acids, which are made with non-GMO ingredients and very beneficial for the body.

Why Celestial Tea?

Some major reasons why you should opt for Celestial Tea is primarily that the tea is great for the human body. Some other benefits include:

The products are very cheap

The tea products offered by Celestial Tea is priced at a very low rate. Most tea companies around the world cannot beat the pricing of Celestial Tea products. But while the products are quite cheap, this does not imply that they are of inferior quality. If you want to enjoy tea that is easy on your pockets, then Celestial Tea is the go-to tea brand for you.

Availability of a wide range of flavors

If you are a tea lover that enjoys a wide range of flavors, then Celestial Tea is your best option. The brand is known for manufacturing a wide array of tea flavors. These flavors also have very unique names so that they can be recognized and separated in the market according to the flavor profile. Some unique flavors like fruit flavors make use of different types of fruits and mixed with a rich blend of tea.

Health Benefits

Celestial Tea is known to be a firm that manufactures healthy tea products. The brand’s line of herbal tea products has a lot of health benefits that improve certain conditions like insomnia, etc. All the firm’s tea products contain antioxidants and Vitamin C. Apart from these, the products are also free of gluten and caffeine. Some types of Celestial teas also contain flavonoid antioxidants that help fight off radicals in the body.

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