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Capresso Coffee and Espresso Machines

Capresso Inc. entered a joint venture with JURA AG, a firm that sells coffee machines in more than 50 countries. It has its headquarters in Switzerland. Capresso greatly benefitted from this deal as it helped it to market its brand in the United States.


In 2008, all Capresso operations in the US were wholly owned by Jura AG. This made the Swiss firm the sole decider for all Capresso operations. In the same year, Richard Boynton was made the President of JURA Capresso. Capresso is a well-known brand of coffee machines.


Apart from this, the company also manufactures various other kitchen equipment, including milk frothers, water kettles, and iced tea makers. The brand is renowned for introducing many new things in the coffee making industry. The company has featured on numerous News stations and websites owing to its popularity and high-quality products.


Some of the firsts made by Capresso in the coffee machine industry are:


  • The first burr grinder that has the latest e-sensor
  • Semi-automatic espresso maker for more convenience
  • Automatic drip coffee machine with on-tap milk frother and thermal carafe made of stainless steel
  • A combination of conical burr grinder and programmable coffeemaker
  • Stand-alone automatic milk frother


All these firsts have made Capresso popular amongst coffee enthusiasts, thus giving the brand an elite status as compared to other coffee machine producing firms out there.

Various Capresso coffee machines

The various coffee machines manufactured by Capresso are as follows:

1. Capresso Coffee Makers

Capresso offers a wide variety of models and types of coffee makers to customers. These coffeemakers come in different sizes, including both small and big. Its coffeemakers are further segregated into different categories, namely Specialty, Drip, Single Cup, and Percolator.


Capresso Specialty Coffeemaker is one of the big coffee makers. It accompanies a large jug, which is bigger than the Drip coffeemaker mug. This coffeemaker lets you make a minimum of 10 cups of coffee within six minutes. The jar is calibrated by Capresso, thus helping consumers make the perfect cup of coffee.


Capresso Specialty Coffeemaker has a temperature regulating thermal steel body and a glass carafe, which help in keeping the coffee hot. Different models of Capresso Specialty Coffeemaker include CoffeeTEAM TS, CoffeeTEAM GS, CoffeeTEAM PRO Plus with Thermal, and CoffeeTEAM PRO Plus with Glass.


The Drip coffeemaker is one of the smallest coffeemakers offered by Capresso. Even though it’s not the smallest one, it lets you make nearly 5 cups of coffee at a time. This coffeemaker is equipped with an automatic temperature regulating mechanism, which helps in keeping the coffee hot for a long time period.


The Drip coffeemaker accompanies a scaled jug that lets you see the quantity of coffee you’re making. Different models of Capresso Drip coffeemaker include 5-Cup Mini Drip, MT600 PLUS, ST300, SG300, CM300, SG220, and two types of 12-Cup Coffee Maker.

Single Cup

Capresso Single Cup coffeemaker is the smallest coffeemaker offered by Capresso. As its name suggests, this coffeemaker lets you make one cup of coffee at one go. This coffeemaker is for coffee lovers who want their own portable coffee machine, which they can carry with them anywhere so that they can get a perfect cup of coffee on the move.


Capresso Single Cup coffeemaker accompanies a cup and a cup holder. The stainless steel insulated travel mug, which comes with this coffeemaker, maintains internal temperature, thus keeping the coffee hot for a long time period. This coffeemaker is simple to use. In fact, it’s the quickest coffeemaker out of all the other coffeemakers offered by Capresso. There is only one model under this category; it’s called On-the-Go.


Percolator is considered as the best coffee brewing machine offered by Capresso. It is shaped like a kettle with a thermal stainless steel insulated body. This coffee brewer is big in size and lets you make many cups of coffee on the move at a time.


This is the perfect coffee brewer for café, office, or home use. Moreover, this coffeemaker from Capresso is fitted with a glass calibrated handle and side for utmost convenience. Different models of Capresso Percolator include 12-Cup Perk and 8-Cup Perk.

2. Capresso Espresso Machines

Along with Coffee Makers, Capresso also sells espresso making appliances. These machines are made for both beginners as well as professional espresso makers. Capresso Espresso Machines are offered at reasonable prices. They let you make a perfect cup of espresso. Just like Capresso Coffee Makers, Capresso Espresso Machines are further segregated into different categories, namely Professional, Pump, and Steam.


Capresso Professional espresso machine is designed for professional espresso makers and cafes. This machine lets you make the perfect cup of espresso for consumers. Offered at an affordable price, the Professional Espresso Machine is fitted with simple-to-use buttons. Different models of Capresso Professional Espresso Machine include Café PRO and EC PRO.


Capresso Pump espresso machine is a bigger coffee machine, which is simple to use. This Espresso Machine is ideal for home use. Nevertheless, you can also use it in a cafe or office. Different models of Capresso Pump Espresso Machine include Ultima PRO, EC300, and EC100.


Capresso Steam espresso machine is a small machine that lets you brew the perfect cup of espresso without compromising on its taste. With a complex look, this espresso-making machine is the simplest to use out of all the other Capresso espresso machines. You can use it in your home, shop, office, or café.


Offered at an economical price owing to its small size, Capresso Steam espresso machine is an ideal alternative to big espresso machines out there. Different models of Capresso Steam espresso machine include Steam PRO and 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino.

3. Capresso Coffee Grinders

Capresso also offers Coffee Grinders for grinding coffee beans. In order to make the ideal cup of coffee, you need to perfectly ground coffee beans and for this, you require an ideal coffee grinding appliance. Thus, Capresso offers a wide range of affordable Coffee Grinders, which easily and quickly grind coffee beans. Capresso Coffee Grinders are further segregated into different categories, namely Conical Burr, Disk Burr, and Blade.

Conical Burr

Capresso Conical Burr is a cone-shaped coffee grinder. It can fit any type of espresso machine or coffeemaker. There is only one model of Capresso Conical Burr, namely Infinity Plus Conical Burr Grinder.

Disk Burr

Capresso Disk Burr is a disk-shaped coffee grinder. Its shape allows small size, though it can be used with any coffee machine. There is only one model of Capresso Disk Burr, which is known as Coffee Burr Grinder.


Capresso Blade is a stand-alone coffee grinder. It’s offered at a cost-effective price. However, this coffee grinder can’t be used with other coffee machines. There are four models of Capresso Blade, including Cool Grind PRO, Cool Grind Blade Grinder (Stainless), Cool Grind Blade Grinder (Black), and Blade Grinder.

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