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Bunn Coffee was founded more than 170 years ago by Jacob Bunn. The company was made into a corporation named Bunn O Matic Corporation in 1857. Since its inception, the corporation has been flourishing and has been handed over through many generations. With many years of coffee brewing experience, the company has perfected the art of making the finest coffee dispensing equipment and remains a leading power in the field.

Changing millions of lives all over the world, Bunn products cater to both professional coffee brewers as well as beginners. The products have easy, convenient and efficient features and are powered by advanced technology. Thus they remain a popular brand even in spite of the stiff competition in the coffee brewing products industry.

Here are some of the popular Bunn products with the unique feature highlights that have made them the best in the field:

 1. NHS Velocity Brew

The NHS Velocity from Bunn is a coffee brewing machine that allows you to brew coffee in record time. It can brew 10 cups of coffee in 3 minutes. Designed to suit commercial and home use, the machine is compact but efficient at the same time. The sleek and high performing machine has several feature highlights which include:

  • The coffee maker is capable of brewing 10 cups of coffee in 3 minutes and without compromising the quality of the coffee.
  • The thermal heating in the hot plate of the brewer helps maintain the temperature of the coffee for a long time
  • The machine has a quick heating system so water boils in lesser time that normal minimizing the brewing time for coffee.
  • The inbuilt water reservoir eliminates the hassle of frequent water refills
  • For easier coffee ground measurement for different quantities of coffee, a programmable button is present. You can set the program for preparing 10, 4 and one cup, according to your preference.
  • The coffee maker is made of durable material and maintenance is easy too.
  • The carafe is designed to avoid coffee from spilling over the sides
  • Automatic off feature makes the machine shut down when it is not in use


2. MCU Multi-Use one cup home brewer

The MCU is designed with home users in mind. It is an ideal choice when you want just a single cup of coffee routinely. The machine is constructed with top quality material. It is designed to brew coffee of finest quality. The machine features several important and efficient functions in spite of its compact size. The feature highlights of MCU home brewer include the following:

  • Small in size hence does not occupy much space while storing or when in use
  • The home brewer serves one cup of coffee in a single go and with superior quality
  • In addition to coffee brewing, MCU also has space for pods, tea bags and also loose tea
  • It helps to boil water quicker than the average brewing machines
  • It has programmable options for varying strengths of coffee
  • Thermal heater present ensures coffee is served hot after brewing is completed
  • It is made of durable material and is simple and efficient to use and maintain
  • Prices is affordable
  • The brewer does not come with water reservoir. Thus the exact amount of water added will equal to the coffee you make.

3. BT Velocity Brew

BT Velocity is different from Bunn Velocity in spite of the two models being quick coffee brewing machines. Just like all Bunn coffee makers, BT Velocity too brews coffee in less than 3 minutes and brews 10 cups of coffee. This home brewer is smaller than the Velocity model and hence more suited for use in homes. The unique feature highlights of BT Velocity include:

  • The coffee maker can produce 10 cups of finest quality coffee in 3 minutes with the quality of the coffee being unaffected by the large quantity prepared.
  • The coffee brewer also serves to make other beverages like tea with its hot water producing capability.
  • It has a specially designed filter that spreads coffee grounds uniformly resulting in delicious tasting brew.
  • Thermal system in the coffee brewer guarantees coffee is kept hot for about 2 hours in spite of the absence of hot plate
  • The machine is very durable and is very convenient to use.
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Cleaning and maintenance is hassle free

4. GRB Velocity Home Coffee Brewer

RB Velocity from Bunn brims with advanced features but is very affordable. Perfect for office and home use, the machine brews coffee very fast. The various feature highlights of the machine include:

  • The machine is designed to deliver 10 cups of quality coffee in 3 minutes
  • Design is very modern and attractive
  • Water tank keeps water hot for use
  • Filter present helps in making delicious and aromatic coffee
  • No drip design of carafe ensures coffee can be poured without dripping over the sides
  • The machine is taller than other Velocity models from Bunn
  • The machine has several convenience oriented features making it a breeze to use even for beginners
  • Automatic shut off system helps power down the coffee maker when it is not in use
  • Made of durable material and functions efficiently

5. BX-D Velocity Coffee Brewer

BX-D Velocity coffee brewer from Bunn is a 10 cup brewer that is ideal for commercial use. The fast coffee brewing feature and large capacity make it best for use in cafes. This signature coffee brewer from Bunn was designed as an alternative to the Velocity model. The large capacity also makes it perfect for use in offices. Here are some of the unique feature highlights of the BX-D coffee brewer:

  • The coffee brewer can make 10 cups of perfectly brewed coffee in 3 minutes and the coffee taste and aroma is not compromised in any way.
  • The BX-D differs from other Velocity models in its construction. Unlike the stainless steel models, this coffee maker is constructed from high grade plastic.
  • The design is sleek and very appealing
  • The coffee brewer comes with a high altitude property that enables automatic setting of temperature knowing the speed at which it cools at high altitude.
  • The brewer is very durable and maintenance is also easy

The Bunn coffee makers listed above are only a sample of the extensive range of Bunn products available online and at the stores. The Bunn coffee makers are popular not only due to the fact that they deliver high quality coffee consistently but also because they are very affordable even for budget conscious buyers.

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