Breville Coffee Machines

It was in the year 2001 that Breville Coffee Machines were launched. Originating from Australia, Breville Coffee Machines have created quite a wave in the range of coffee products. Since their launch, the company has acquired many followers who love their coffee and other products. If you want to try some new coffee varieties, then check out more about Breville Coffee Machines in this article.

Top Breville Coffee Espresso Machines

Breville Coffee Machines

More about Breville Coffee Machines

Most of the customers of Breville Coffee Machines prefer the company for their great customer support system. Their main motive is to serve the customers and keep up to their demands. They also look for the feedback of their customers which they regard highly and take into consideration while making their products.

The origin of Breville as a company is actually quite old and interesting. Way back during the time of the World War II, Breville used to make radio. Later, they turned their attention to creation of domestic equipments. Breville’s sandwich toaster is still a name in many households.

As soon as the company got a bit popular, it ventured into the coffee industry in the year 2001. Since then, they have created uproar in the coffee industry as well, with their brilliant brews and flavors. The main office of the company is based in Australia, but, multiple offices have been set up in New Zealand, the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong.

Best Breville Coffee Machines

Let us see the top machines that Breville has to offer:

Breville BES870XL Barista Express

You can control the settings of this machine that has a 15 bar pump. There is an inbuilt system for filtering your drink with a water capacity of 2L. You can also pre infuse low pressure.

Breville BES880XL Barista Touch

The best this about the Breville BES880XL Barista Touch is that it is totally automatic. There are 8 options for customizing your coffee which appears on the LCD screen. The steam wand that is automatic, will let you make adjustments in the temperature, texture, and milk. The capacity of the water tank is 2L along with an additional ½ lb bean hopper.

Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler

As the name goes, there are two boilers in this machine that are provided for the controlling of temperature and the brew. The display is an LCD one and there is a pressure valve which will let you manage the brew.

Breville Duo-Temp Pro

Both single and double shots can be made with this machine. There is a steam wand that lets you make a variety of other drinks. A capacity of 1600 W is there for the heating system and the machine can hold 1.8L of water.

Breville BES840XL/A the Infuser

You can have total control over the temperature in this machine. It goes to sleep automatically and the extraction process is such that retains the maximum flavors in the coffee.

Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma

For people looking for a coffee machine that will not cut a hole in their pocket, the Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma machine is the best. This is a semi-automatic machine with a stainless steel body. It can hold 1.2L of water and has a pressure pump of 15 bar category.

What makes Breville products stand out?

It is true that a certain fame and reputation is attached to any product from Breville. As a customer, when you make a purchase at Breville, it is natural for you to expect the company to meet your expectations. We will now look at the reasons why Breville is regarded so highly. If you have not already tried products from Breville, then you will know why you should definitely try them out now. Here are the reasons:

Easy to use

If you have lived under the impression that using coffee machines require some skill and training, then it is time for you to do away with this misconception. Using coffee machines is the easiest thing ever, especially if they are from Breville. Every machine comes with clear cut instructions that will tell you exactly how to use the machine. The installing of the machine will also then be a matter of a few minutes. You can further proceed with making your type of Espresso like a pro.


Every Breville product that you buy will have a warranty of one year with it. Any problems with the machines will immediately make you eligible to ask for assistance from the company under your warranty period. So, you need not be worried at all about the quality of the machines and investing in them.

Perfect finish

Not only are the coffee machines at Breville great in quality but they also look stylish. Owing to the stainless steel finish, the machine can endure years of usage and stays clean. Unlike other coffee machines, your Breville coffee machine will stay shiny because of its stainless steel cover that cleans in a jiffy.

Proportional Integral Derivative technology

Any layman might not know about the PID technology that is often used in coffee machines to regulate the temperature and prevent imbalance. If you are a fan of Espresso, then this technology in Breville machines help you do this fast while keeping the temperature at a perfect balance.


A lot of us often make mistakes in measuring out the coffee that is to be poured into the coffee machine. Breville machines specify the amount of ground coffee that needs to be poured in. although the amount of coffee that Breville coffee machines use is 19-22 grams, the brew produced in delicious. Coffee lovers will know that the amount is slightly high but this is the secret to Breville’s great tasting coffees.

Customer service

Often we buy products from a good company and then repent our decision because of the terrible customer service. This will not be the case at Breville where they take their customers seriously. The communication is easy and takes less time where experts handle your queries regarding any issue with your product.

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