Bonavita Coffee Brewers

Bonavita Coffee Brewers belong to Espresso Supply Inc. which has more than two decades of experience in coffee production and distribution. The company is reputed for its dedication to providing 100 per cent satisfaction for its customers.

Espresso supply has also significantly contributed to the welfare of coffee growers and the equipment that helps them flourish. Based in Seattle in Washington, Espresso Supply serves to customers located all over the United States besides supplying to its worldwide customers.

Top Bonavita Coffee Brewers

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Redline MK1 8 Cup Coffee Brewer with Glass Carafe, Hot Plate and Pre-Infusion Mode

  • TAKE YOUR COFFEE BREWING EXPERIENCE TO THE LIMIT: The Redline MK1 is a premium quality coffee brewer available at an accessible price. Enjoy your favorite coffee to the limit by brewing with the Redline MK1 8 Cup Brewer.
  • OPTIMUM BREWING TEMPERATURES FOR OPTIMAL EXTRACTION: Create a pot of perfection every time. The MK1 reaches optimum brew temperatures of 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit It will also brew a full pot in under 6 minutes.
  • BREWING MADE EASY: With a press of a switch, you are on your way to make consistently great coffee. The MK1 also includes a pre-infusion mode which your coffee to "bloom". Blooming allows the gasses in the coffee to be released, resulting in optimal extraction from your grinds. This can all be achieved with the press of a single switch.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: All of the MK1's features are simple, mechanical and thoughtfully considered. The wide-mouth water reservoir is designed for easy pouring. A simple drip lever we nicknamed "The Parking Brake" allows you to "pause" the drip during the middle of your brew for those times you need to get to your coffee ASAP without worrying about making a mess. We believe the Redline MK1 Coffee Brewer should be a pleasure to use while also looking great on your counter.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We want you to enjoy the coffee made by the MK1 down to the very last drop, every time. That is why every Redline Coffee brewer includes a Limited 2 Year Warranty and 60 day return policy.

Bonavita Coffee Brewers

Bonavita as a leading coffee maker

Coffee is the one of the most favoured drinks in America. According to statistics, nearly 16 per cent of the population in the US drink a minimum of 5 cups per day.

And a majority of these coffee lovers reveal that the enjoyment and flavour of the coffee are the chief stimulants for favouring the drink.

The excellent taste of coffee is possible only when it is prepared in the appropriate way. The use of advanced technology has resulted in the use of new brewing methods by coffee makers, which have improved the taste considerably.

Of the leading coffee makers present now, Bonavita is a popular brand that uses modern technology to provide the best tasting coffee.

About Bonavita

Bonavita Company has an excellent team of experts dedicated to manufacturing premium quality kettles and coffee makers. The products are aimed at increasing the satisfaction levels of customers to new heights.

All coffee making equipment is manufactured with German technology ensuring best performance. The stainless steel Bonavita coffee makers are durable and easy to use.

The state of the art design ensures premium quality brews with minimal effort. The quality of Bonavita is on par with the prevailing standards in relation to temperature, brewing time and other important criteria that result in a delicious and strong coffee brew. In fact, the top end equipment surpasses the standard requirements with their performance and durability.

How Bonavita provides an exceptional coffee

The chief mission of Bonavita Coffee Brewers is, ‘making it better’. The company is dedicated to providing services and products that enhance the entire coffee drinking experience of the customer.

All processes involved in manufacturing Bonavita coffee brewers are focused on providing the consumer the best ever experience. Every criterion needed to meet with the ideal coffee machine are incorporated by the company in its coffee makers. The brewing machines from Bonavita are designed to brew coffee of any type including dark, black, light or other specification according to the needs of the customer. The coffee makers are made to help customers exert control over the coffee brewing process.

The coffee maker products come with useful and detailed instruction manuals that include the standard measurements and temperature needed to brew the perfect coffee. In addition to providing the optimal temperature for making the most delicious tasting coffee, the coffee brewers also possess the expertise to accomplish a coffee ground that is uniformly saturated. All these ensure the coffee made is of excellent taste.

Bonavita products

Bonavita exceeds expectations when it comes to manufacturing top notch coffee makers, kettles and other products. Here are a few of the best and most popular Bonavita coffee- brewing products line -up:

1. Bonavita Metropolitan

Metropolitan coffee brewer is a premium Bonavita product that retains the classic old coffee maker design and excels in brewing the best tasting coffee. Flavorful and aromatic Metropolitan coffee is ready in less than 8 minutes when the temperature set is between 198 and 204 degrees, which is the standard temperature used for coffee making. The feature highlights of this coffeemaker include:

  • Hot plate with timer set to 40 minute calibration
  • Pre infusion mode present for use before brewing starts
  • Single piece coffee brewer enables convenient and effective brewing experience
  • Glass carafe provides pure coffee flavour as opposed to stainless steel receptacles that can affect the taste for coffee drinkers sensitive to taste of the metal.
  • Spray arm makes it easy to use the brewer

The Metropolitan is a no frill coffee brewer that does not have any controls for temperature, timers, indicators and water filters you see in present day models. Still it manages to draw attention with its effective and easy brewing mechanism.

2. Connoisseur coffee brewer

Bonavita Connoisseur is an upgraded version of BV1900 model. This simple version is ergonomically designed making brewing a breeze. Further the design process ensures you do not waste even a single drop of the brewed coffee.  The important feature highlights of the Connoisseur brewer include:

  • Basket shaped design for effective heat retention
  • Coffee carafe is made of stainless steel and designed in such a way that pouring is easy without hassle of coffee dripping over the sides
  • Easy to clean due to sturdy stainless steel body
  • The one touch brewing mode provides a hassle free coffee brewing experience

Other than the coffee brewer not having a stop for coffee drip, the Connoisseur from Bonavita is a robust coffee maker that delivers strong and delicious coffee every time.

3. 8-Cup Coffee Maker

For people who don’t have the time to wait for the coffee to brew before they start their busy day, the 8 cup coffee brewer from Bonavita is a good choice. The coffee maker comes with glass carafe for collecting brewed coffee and has a warming plate. Important feature highlights of this coffee maker include:

  • Timer with 40 minute setting for warming plate
  • Alarm system for alerting you when the coffee is done so you can complete other pressing tasks by the time the coffee is prepared.
  • Glass carafe is provided instead of stainless steel body, which is not favoured by people who are sensitive to the metallic taste that stainless steel vessels emit.
  • Alarm produces very gentle sound and does not have annoying and loud sound that one associates with alarms.

Basket placed on the coffee carafe is not an addition that most users would like. Otherwise the 8 cup coffee maker is an ideal choice for all busy working people due to the numerous convenient features present.

Bonavita Coffee Brewers Company has several smartly designed products that are competitively priced and affordable even for those who want a budget friendly product. Further the coffee brewer brand has several features that compare or surpass that of other contemporary brands in the industry. Other than the short two year warranty period for the products, (which many customers would like the company to improve to a longer warranty) the coffee maker brand is a successful one. For those who cannot settle for less than their perfect cup of brew, Bonavita delivers unerringly.

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