Bolivian Coffee


Bolivia is a region where a great cup of coffee can be produced owing to the highest quality seeds used, high altitude, and great geography of this country. Here, the plants are in the traditional ‘Typica’ range with a few ‘Caturra’ varieties. Bolivian coffees are produced in organic farms and most of the cooperatives in Bolivia are Organic and Fair Trade Certified.

Best Bolivian Coffees

#1 CoffeeAndy - Larry's Organic Fair Trade Whole Bean Coffee, Bolivia - Light Roast, 2.2 Pound

Larry's Organic Fair Trade Whole Bean Coffee, Bolivia - Light Roast, 2.2 Pound

  • USDA Organic, Fair Trade, Shade-grown, Kosher
  • Sourced and roasted by Larry's Coffee in Raleigh, NC
  • Farming partner: Union Pro Agro
#2 CoffeeAndy - Bolivian Organic 100% Arabica Fresh Coffee Beans (Medium Roast (Full City +), 5 pounds Whole Beans)

Bolivian Organic 100% Arabica Fresh Coffee Beans (Medium Roast (Full City +), 5 pounds Whole Beans)

  • Honey , dried cherry: roasted at medium. Dark Roast: Very dark. Intense and deep.
  • Fresh Roasted Each Morning & Shipped in the Afternoon! Even sweeter in the cup, still delicate but rich.
  • The Bolivian Yungas has a heavy, full-bodied, mellow, nutty flavor and satisfying taste, a soft acidity and great balance, topped off with a surprising semi-sweet finish.
  • Varieties: 70% criolla; 30% caturra. Altitude: 3,937-5,905 Feet, 1200-1800 meters above sea level.
  • Trading Partner: Federacion de Caficultores Exportadores de Bolivia (FECAFEB). Location: Caranavi Province, North and South Yungas.


  • Medium dark roast
  • Sweet, caramel flavor
  • 100% Arabic whole bean coffee
  • 14oz
#4 CoffeeAndy - Cafe Liegeois MANO MANO Bolivian Medium Roast Coffee Beans, 2.2 Lb, Arabica Coffee Whole Bean, Certi

Cafe Liegeois MANO MANO Bolivian Medium Roast Coffee Beans, 2.2 Lb, Arabica Coffee Whole Bean, Certified Organic Fair Trade Coffee Arabica Coffee Beans (MANO MANO)

  • YEARS OF TRADITION PROVIDING THE BEST COFFEE– Cafe Liegeois is a family business started in 1955 by Belgian coffee makers that later emigrated to North America and their descendants used the passed down skills of choosing the best coffee beans to fill your cup of coffee.
  • MADE IN SOUTH AMERICA – This medium coffee whole bean coffee comes straight from a tropical region where the Andes meet the Amazon If you are looking for an authentic Amazon coffee, this is it. The coffee from this region of such lush biodiversity gives the coffee bean very distinct fruity notes, making it the best Arabica coffee you could possibly ask for.
  • NOTHING BEATS FRESH COFFEE BEANS– Using whole coffee beans gives you the option and the pleasure of using a coffee bean grinder yourself making sure you release all the coffee scent just when you need it. It doesn’t matter if you use a hand bean grinder or stone grinder, the coffee rich air will fill the room.
  • MAKE ANY KIND OF COFFEE YOU WANT – After grind these coffee medium roast beans, they are bound to result in a fantastic drink, no matter how you use them. You can make a cold brew coffee, use a pour over coffee dripper, you can use a French press coffee maker or simply brew it the old fashioned way in a coffee pot. It will taste amazing either way.
  • MAX HAVELAAR CERTIFIED - All Café Liégeois products bear the Max Havelaar Certification mark, meaning that we only sell coffee fair trade which helps the working conditions of workers in third world countries. Meaning that our organic whole bean coffee medium roast coffee is manufactured in accordance with the international fair trade certified standards.
#5 CoffeeAndy - Larrys Beans, Coffee Cowbow Bolivia, 12 Ounce

Larrys Beans, Coffee Cowbow Bolivia, 12 Ounce

  • USDA Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Shade-Grown
  • Slow-roasted whole bean
  • B Corp Certified
#6 CoffeeAndy - Mayorga Organics Café Cubano, Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 2lbs Bag, Specialty-Grade, 100% USDA Or

Mayorga Organics Café Cubano, Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 2lbs Bag, Specialty-Grade, 100% USDA Organic, Non-GMO Verified, Direct Trade, Kosher

1,542 Reviews
  • Dark roast profile with hints of vanilla and a sweet, syrupy smokiness, with a smooth, bold finish
  • Distinctive flavor from our signature Latin, slow-roasting process using state-of-the-art machinery
  • 100% USDA Organic, Non GMO Verified, Shade-Grown, Arabica, Direct-Trade
  • Consciously sourced from quality-inspected, certified organic small farmers in Latin America
  • Try Mayorga Risk-Free: Buy Now, and if you don't love our coffee, Amazon will happily refund your order
#7 CoffeeAndy - Level Ground Bolivia Medium Ground Coffee 1 Pound

Level Ground Bolivia Medium Ground Coffee 1 Pound

  • Certified organic and fairly traded ground coffee
  • Grown by small farmers in rural areas using sustainable environmental practices
  • Promotes independence, education and positive work conditions
  • Packaging is designed to keep coffee fresh and is 100% compostable
  • Processed and packaged in Canada
#8 CoffeeAndy - Trader Joe's Organic Bolivian Blend 100% Arabica Whole Bean Coffee (Medium Dark Roast)

Trader Joe's Organic Bolivian Blend 100% Arabica Whole Bean Coffee (Medium Dark Roast)

  • Trader Joe's Fair Trade Organic Bolivian Blend
  • Certified organic by Quality Assurance International
  • Made in a facility that processes milk, tree nuts and soy
#9 CoffeeAndy - Lavazza Single Origin Kilimanjaro Ground Coffee Blend, Medium Roast, 12 Oz Bag

Lavazza Single Origin Kilimanjaro Ground Coffee Blend, Medium Roast, 12 Oz Bag

  • 1 12 ounce bag of Lavazza Single Origin Kilimanjaro Italian ground coffee
  • Balanced medium roast with crisp, sweet flavor and notes of mature cherries
  • Non GMO, 100 percent Arabica from Tanzania
  • Blended and roasted in Italy
  • Best used in drip coffee maker or French press
#10 CoffeeAndy - 2 Pounds, Whole Bean Coffee: Premium Select From RhoadsRoast Coffees (Bolivian Organic Fair Trade-FE

2 Pounds, Whole Bean Coffee: Premium Select From RhoadsRoast Coffees (Bolivian Organic Fair Trade-FECAFEB Coffee Beans, 2 Pounds Medium Roast)

  • 2 Pounds of customer selected coffees...fresh roasted in the morning and shipped in the afternoon...pure unadulterated fresh roasted coffee!
  • Varietal: Supremo, Peaberry, Bourbon, A, AA, Grade 2, Grade 4, Excelsior, and Estate coffee beans.
  • South American, Central American, Indonesian, and African coffees for customers to choose.
  • Organic and Rainforest certified coffees are available.
  • Cupping notes are included. Great for gifts, home, entertaining, and restaurant use. Brew, taste, and enjoy!

Bolivian Coffees

Bolivian Coffee

Bolivia is the 33rd country that exports coffee worldwide, which is quite a good rank when you see the total number of nations around the globe. Bolivia provides premium quality coffee to customers. This coffee is tasty as well as nutritious. Today, we’ll explore Bolivian Coffee in order to see if it’s the best coffee for you. Without further ado, read on!

Every year, the amount of coffee produced in Bolivia augments to a greater number. Moreover, the amount of coffee consumed by Bolivians boosts each year, which makes it more popular amidst locals. Apart from this, every year a vast pound of coffee is exported to many foreign countries. Over 120,000*60kg sacks are exported every year. Owing to this, there has been an increase in the amount of coffee produced in Bolivia yearly. This has also raised its global recognition. Bolivia has 1% of recognition in the global coffee market.

When is coffee harvested in Bolivia?

Every region has a different harvest period for coffee in Bolivia. Most of the locations on the top have a harvest period from July to November. However, different harvest periods don’t harm the availability of coffee in Bolivia throughout the year. Locals, as well as large stores in Bolivia, have different varieties of coffees offered by top brands throughout the year.

Different types of Bolivian coffee plants

In Bolivia, there are numerous varieties of coffee plants. Amongst all, the most remarkable and popular varieties are the Caturra and the Varietal Typical plants. Other than these two, the less popular Bolivian coffee plant varieties include the Catimor and Catuai.

Why do locals love Bolivian coffee?

Coffee is one of the main agricultural products grown and produced in Bolivia. This is why most of the residents in Bolivia depend on coffee for earning money and its nutritional value. As per statistics from trustworthy sources, over 23,000 families rely on coffee on a daily basis as their primary source of living. And, seeing the total population of Bolivia, you can find that local residents depend more on coffee as compared to Maize, Banana, Soybean, etc.

Significant facts about Bolivian coffee

Some vital facts about Bolivian coffee are:

Bolivia has a favorable environment for planting coffee plants

As mentioned in the introduction, the environment of Bolivia is quite favorable for planting cocoa. The country has a tropical climate that is hot as well as humid. Since coffee is a tropical jungle tree, Bolivia is a great region for producing coffee.


According to research, if the altitude of a region is high, it will take a long time for the planted coffee bean to ripe and harvest. This will enhance the flavor of the coffee bean when it’s harvested. This is why you should definitely go for Bolivian coffee.

Taste of Bolivian coffee

Unlike other coffees, Bolivian coffee is quite different. It has a classic and clean taste with bright and rich acidity content. Bolivian coffee has a subtle aromatic, rich, and sweet quality. The taste of Bolivian coffee is enhanced by different fruits, including apple, tangerine, apricot, pear, and lemon. When Bolivian coffee is being produced and roasted, more delicious flavors and tastes (such as caramel and mild chocolate flavors) are added to the coffee for optimum results.

Bolivia provides the best organic coffee

Bolivian coffee is organic and rich in nature. All coffees produced in Bolivia majorly comprise of fair-trade and organic coffee. Over the years, Bolivia has significantly improved the processing quality of its unroasted green coffee bean. This has resulted in a premium quality Bolivian coffee.


Bolivian shade-grown coffee is one of the best coffee varieties that you can find around the globe. And, in all coffee varieties, the coffee produced in Bolivia has the most organic content that you can find in a coffee.

The Bolivian Chocolate and Cacao

According to environmental research performed in Bolivia, land houses are one of the most favorable conditions to grow and produce high-quality coffee. Moreover, it is rich in nutrients, owing to which it is great for the production of Bolivian Chocolate and Cacao.


Both coffee and cacao have the same roasting process. Both of them are roasted at a maximum temperature of 325 degrees and the temperature is slowly reduced when both of them have been roasted for up to 30 minutes. This lets the bigger beans to roast appropriately from the inside in order to serve the best flavor.

The most popular regions where coffee is planted in Bolivia

There are different varieties of coffee plants found throughout Bolivia, as mentioned above. Every location in Bolivia has reasonable quality and quantity of coffee plant. However, there are some regions where coffee is grown profusely as compared to other businesses in Bolivia.


Some of the locations where you can find the best coffee plants in Bolivia include Caravani, Corico, Provincia Ichio, Inquisivi, the Nor & Sud Yungas, and Samaipata & Mairana. Here, you can get top-quality coffee products and plants in Bolivia.


However, there have been many hindrances in the production of coffee in Bolivia. One of these is the poor road network in Bolivia. Roads are used to reach the major coffee producing regions in Bolivia. Moreover, some diseases have also hindered coffee production in Bolivia. These include coffee leaf rust that affects the coffee harvest in Bolivia. Nonetheless, Bolivia is still one of the best places for the production of coffee and Bolivian coffees are one of the best coffees for you.

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