Bodum Coffee Makers

Bodum Coffee Makers is a Switzerland based company focused on building affordable and highly functional products. All products marketed by Bodum Coffee Makers are made in house and include coffee, glassware, tea, kitchen gadgets, electrical appliances and more. The company is family owned and operates under the leadership of Jorgen Bodum, the son of its founder Peter Bodum.

Top Bodum Coffee Makers

Bodum Coffee Makers

About Bodum Coffee Makers

Peter Bodum founded Bodum Company in 1944. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company has developed its products into one of the premium product lines satisfying customers worldwide. At present Jergen Bodum, Peter Bodum’s son is helming the industry. His sister also co-owns the family business.

During the initial phase of the company, Peter Bodum concentrated on glassware import to Denmark. While dealing with glassware he saw the vacuum coffee maker. The entire product including its shape and design appealed to him. And after tasting the coffee from this machine he was inspired to make improvements in the design. He made the necessary changes and turned the coffee maker into a better design that was affordable too.

The initial design-Mocca was successful from early 1950s, which was followed by Bodum, the first vacuum model coffee maker from the company. The company later developed Santos vacuum coffee maker in 1958. Santos coffee maker made the company an international brand. And the company has since gained an indelible niche in the global scene as the most effective vacuum coffee maker brand.

Bodum Products

Bodum Products are available in a wide array of forms, purpose and designs. Here are some of the excellent coffee makers from Bodum:

1. Chambord

Beautifully designed, Chambord is a classic French design that resembles the coffee makers made in 1950s. The original design of the French coffee maker has been retained in the Chambord. The Chambord differs in a major aspect from the fifties model, which is the high standards it sets towards practicing safe environmental standards in the manufacturing technique it uses, especially in the chrome plating phase of the coffee maker production. Here are some of the feature highlights of this elegant coffee maker:

  • The lid and entire frame of the Bodum Chambord is made from high grade stainless steel.
  • The stainless steel is made by passing through multiple chrome plating systems resulting in a durable, shiny and beautiful coffee maker that lasts for long even with intense use.
  • The handle of the Chambord is made of propylene and matte making it very comfortable to grip when you carry it or serve coffee.
  • The design has classic lines making it look elegant and highly efficient.

2. Epebo

With Epebo from Bodum, you get to make supremely fresh and hot coffee. Epebo uses a highly advanced vacuum brewing technique. The process is an actively improved one allowing extraction of delicious oil from coffee bean due to achieving of the right balance between the temperature and brewing.

The Bodum seal ensures the design and quality of the coffee maker is the best. The design and performance ensures the flavour of the coffee bean is preserved effectively. Furthermore, the coffee maker is attractively designed. Brewing your coffee in an Epebo is a magical experience that you will love to do. Here are the main highlight features that make Epebo coffee maker a much sought after model:

  • The Epebo is the electric upgrade of the earlier Pebo version.
  • The model is also a refined and advanced version of Santos model by Bodum which is a popular coffee maker from the company.
  • Brewing coffee in ePebo is very quick and takes very less time. You can brew your coffee in just 4 minutes thanks to the optimal design of the vacuum coffee brewer.

3. Columbia

Columbia from Bodum is another Columbia French press pair design from the company. The stainless steel coffee maker is elegantly designed with several attractive features which include:

  • Durable stainless steel design that includes double wall construction for better retention of heat ensuring proper temperature is maintained for the brewing process.
  • A plunger made of mesh and silicone help prevent scratches from appearing in the brewer. The design also ensures better filtration power and reduces the sediment formation in the brewed coffee.
  • The design of Columbia makes it convenient to use unlike other vacuum coffee brewers. You need to just add water, coffee grinds and keep the machine covered for about 4 minutes and flavor rich and aromatic coffee will be ready for you to enjoy.

4. Caffettiera

If you prefer full bodied coffee, the Caffettiera is an ideal choice. It is a press filter model typical in Bodum coffee brewers. The design and shape are very attractive making it one of the trendy products from Bodum. The classical press filter style produces best aroma from the coffee beans and it does not leave any residue at the bottom of the cup. Some of the unique highlights of this coffee brewer are:

  • The design is environment friendly and does not need any paper filter or plastic capsule for brewing coffee.
  • The pot in the caffettiera is made from borosilicate glass, which is resistant to heat and the taste is neutral. The lid and handle made of plastic makes it safe and easy to handle.
  • The legs of the frame are covered with chrome plating to prevent damage due to heat. The chrome plating offers additional protection.
  • Brewing process is the fastest taking 4 minutes or lesser time.

5. Brazil

Brazil coffee maker from Bodum is designed to meet with the motto and mission of Bodum. The vacuum coffee maker has an excellent design and is very affordable. The design is aimed at making coffee brewing the easiest so anyone can brew coffee without hassle. The feature highlights of this coffee maker include:

  • Does not need a plastic cup or paper filter for making coffee brew
  • It has heat resistant feature. The beaker is made of borosilicate glass, which is the standard material used in French press plunger models of Bodum
  • The base and hand are made of polypropylene making it convenient to use
  • The lid of Brazil coffee maker is made of polypropylene. It also has a unique Bodum aroma and safety seal that ensures the coffee tastes delicious every time.

Why is Bodum Exceptional?

With an excellent reputation in manufacturing, Bodum aims at delivering tea and coffee solutions of top notch quality alongside the other household accessories the company makes for its customers. Their innate passion to provide unique, affordable and performance oriented designs has made them the best in the industry.

Bodum is committed to providing products that are sustainable and environmentally safe.  The company focuses its activities on providing an eco-friendly and safe environment for their employees, communities and the world in the most efficient way.

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