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It was in the year 1945 that Bigelow Teas was founded in America. The company has reimagined the ways in which teas are prepared and consumed by people in America. The person who deserves the credit for being the mastermind behind this company is Ruth Campbell Bigelow. It was her idea to bring in the concept of inducing flavors in teas. Know interesting facts about Bigelow Teas in this article.

The company is owned by a family and they maintain a good work ethic that entails a lot of involvement into what they do. Their sole motive is to come up with great tea products and to reach out to customers, in order to make them get a taste of delicious flavored coffees. An added factor is their packaging which makes their teas even more attractive. The foil covering helps to keep the tea as fresh as it can be, so that you find the tea in a fresh condition when you receive it.

Best Bigelow Teas

Bigelow Teas

Best Bigelow Teas

The best part about Bigelow Teas is that they have such a wide variety of products. You can choose from various categories of teas under which there are more products. Let us have a look:

Seasonal Tea

The unique part about Seasonal Tea is that you get to taste the smell of every season in different types of teas. All of them are exclusive and special. Here are some of them:

Ginger Snappish Herbal Tea

If you are worried about the caffeine content, then this tea has got that covered. Lemon are ginger are the main ingredients that are used to make this tea. So, what you get is a spicy flavor in the tea with a tangy taste. The combination is loved by a lot of customers. Lemon peel, licerice root, natural flavors, lemongrass, rose hips, etc are all used in the tea.

Eggnogg’n Tea

In those cold winter months, you can make things a bit cozy and warm with this Eggnogg’n Tea that is specially crafted for winter. The flavor of Eggnog comes from a perfect balance of green and black teas. Sipping on this tea on a cold and sunny wintry day can be perfect. The packaging is done with expertise which prevents any kind of moisture to get past it. This preserves the tea for a much longer duration of time.

Constant Comment

Although the name might sound nothing close to being a tea category, this is one of the most sold teas at Bigelow Teas. The recipe of this tea comes from the kitchen of the owner family and the ingredients are of the highest quality. Some products under this category, thatgets appreciation from us are:

Constant Comment Tea

Sweet spice, black tea, and rind of an orange are the ingredients that go into this tea. This has been one of the all time favorites at Constant Comment Tea. This tea is what the company prides itself on. 240 and 120 are the quantities of this tea that come in bags. The heavy aroma of this tea is the best part about it and it needs to be protected. This is where we feel that the packaging is great because it does not let air flow in.

Constant Comment Decaf Tea

If you are a fan of black tea then the Constant Comment Decaf Tea is the right option for you. It is also decaffeinated which means it does not have harmful effects on your health. This however, does not affect the taste of the tea which is as great as always.


In the world of the organic and the herbal, people love to consume everything that is healthy. The herbal teas at Bigelow Teas are made with a blend of choicest of natural materials that preserve their aromas through the preparation process. We love all the options but if we had to choose, then we would choose the following:

Cozy Chamomile Herbal Teas

As you might be familiar with the calming effects of Chamomile, you will know that this tea will soothe all your senses. After a tiring day, this tea will give you the perfect break and relaxation. A lot of customers prefer this tea because of its beneficial effects. Fresh chamomile flowers are used in the making which renders a sweet taste to the tea. The flavor of chamomile can be distinctly felt in the tea. Also, there is no caffeine content in this tea which means anyone can have it.

Lavender Chamomile Herbal Tea

If you are a health conscious person, the Lavender Chamomile Herbal Teas works the best for you. With the goodness of chamomile combined with probiotics, this tea can be a health drink for you. Some very exclusive ingredients are used in these teas which are also of a very high quality. Rise hips, honey flavor, chamomile, and lavender are used to manufacture this tea. The foil packaging helps retain all these rich flavors so that you can a wholesome taste when you consume this tea.

Why choose Bigelow Teas?

The kind of teas that Bigelow Teas produces are not like any other regular tea that you have. They have a distinct flavor which completely changes the way they taste. If we talk about the flavor of Bigelow Teas, they are unique in the aroma. It is in Ruth’s kitchen that aromas and spices are mixed to create a great mix that makes Bigelow’s Teas special.

The packaging of Bigelow Teas is done immaculately so that no air passes through and the freshness is kept intact. This means that you will get a fresh batch, the day a packet of Bigelow Teas reaches you.

The ingredients that are used to make Bigelow Teas are chosen by experts with great care. For instance, ingredients like chamomile flowers, orange peels, bergamot oil, etc, are all organically produced ones and only they will be used in the making of Bigelow Teas. With such richness of flavor and health benefits, who can resist having this once?


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