Award Winning Coffee


There are a wide variety of coffees that have won awards owing to their distinct flavor and aroma. Different regions and coffee roasters have won awards for their respective coffee brands. In order to win locally, regionally, as well as internationally, farmers put forward their best coffees. Awards are given at different levels for a great cup of coffee, including gold, silver, and bronze medals. So, let us take a look at the best award winning coffees of this year.

Top Award Winning Coffee

Award Winning Coffee

Award Winning Coffee

Awards have different categories in the coffee industry. For instance, the best single origin coffee beans globally, the best roasted coffee beans around the world, the best coffee beans in different states or countries, etc. For example, in a coffee award-winning competition of different countries, the participating nations put forward their best coffees that are grown from the best crops.

If the coffee of a particular country wins the competition, then it means that that country’s coffee can become famous since many people will want to taste the award winning coffee. Moreover, if that nation keeps on providing great coffees, the coffee industry in that country can thrive since the award winning competition promotes the coffee in a positive light.

The process of awarding coffees

Coffee awarding competitions follow a common procedure, which is as follows:

  1. Farmers, roasters, or regions are invited to attend the coffee contest for general or specific categories. Occasionally, there is a small fee to enter a coffee award contest.
  2. Coffees put forward by different competitors are generally packaged with a code so that the judges can’t discover the origin of specific coffees. These packages are sent to the contests.
  3. These coffees are then made using specific recipes before passing to the judges who taste them. These judges award different scores to every coffee in the competition. The brewing method using which these coffees are prepared can vary, such as espresso, filter, French press, etc.
  4. Then, the scores given by the judges are arranged so as to decide the winner of the award. The coffee at the first position gets the gold medal in a coffee award competition.


However, in some coffee contests, there is a specified score for coffees that can win a gold medal. Sometimes, no coffee crosses this score mark and at other times numerous coffees reach this score. All of this depends on the organization of the coffee award contest.


This shows that coffee gold medals don’t always denote that the coffee with a gold medal is the topmost scorer in the contest. Moreover, award winning coffee beans can be a part of various levels, including the regional level, world level, and national level. Leading nations such as Australia and the US often organize coffee award contests, which are at the international level.

Prominent Coffee Awards

America Good Foods (GFA) Awards

This contest chooses food and drink makers who are capable of developing and demonstrating tasty, high-quality, and original products. It also includes coffee roasters who put in efforts to deliver high-quality coffees collected from various growers.


Coffee roaster winners are generally chosen with the help of various characteristics of flavors, such as clean, sweet, nicely developed body, balanced acidity, aromatic, etc. Roasters and farmers, who want to participate in this coffee award competition, must show that there is complete fairness and transparency throughout the coffee making process, starting from the new coffee bean to the final cup of coffee.


America Good Foods competition also gives third-party certification to different coffees, which, in turn, helps in finding out the qualified coffee beans that can be considered for the competition. Like every year, in 2018 also, there was a coffee award competition organized by America Good Foods.


In this contest, some coffees that were ranked at the top position include:

  • Compelling Coffee from Ethiopia Banko Gotiti Coffee in California
  • Blueprint Coffee from Ethiopia Hambela in Missouri
  • Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea from Organic Ethiopia Tikur Anbessa in California
  • Vashon Coffee Company from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural Daniel Miju in Washington


Apart from these, there were several other Ethiopian coffees roasted in America that won in this coffee award competition. The total coffee winners in this competition were 15, all of which had an Ethiopian origin. This shows that Ethiopian coffee is really delicious and worth trying.

Australian awards

There are three famous international coffee awards in Australia. These include:

  1. Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS): This contest takes place just before the Sydney Royal Easter show.
  2. Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA): This competition takes place before the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE).
  3. Golden Bean: This content is organized as part of the Golden Bean industrial seminar.


All the awards, including gold, silver, and bronze awards, are awarded as per the marks on the coffee cup. These marks are given on the basis of the aroma and flavor of the coffee. Such coffees can be brewed in various categories, including blend espresso, milk flavored coffee, single origin espresso, filter coffee, etc.


The AICA content generally has high-quality coffees while the RAS competition has coffees that have a dark roast and lower acid content. These competitions have distinct features owing to the organization that arranges the contest and the judges that give scores to the participants.

Different types of coffee competitors participating in coffee award competitions

There are different types of people participating in coffee award contests. These include:

1. People with less knowledge of coffees

The most common type of people who participate in such coffee award competitions are roasters who put forward all their coffees in all categories. More often than not, such contestants baffle the judges who give scores in such contests.


It’s not that the coffee of these roasters is of low-quality but they might put their coffees in wrong categories. For instance, a high-grown dense coffee is placed in the light roast category instead of a dark roast category since dense coffee beans are best when they are dark roasted.

2. Roasters with good coffees with right categories

Another type of people that participate in coffee competitions are roasters with high-quality coffees who have checked their coffees for different categories in the competition. These are participants who have tasted all their coffees and have submitted their best coffee for every category in the competition.

3. Roasters with best coffees who test every coffee

Then, there are roasters who want to win the competition and therefore they test their each and every single coffee in order to get the best results. They then roast their best coffee as per the specifications.


However, you must note that it’s not necessary that only the above-mentioned people participate in coffee award contests. Moreover, if a particular coffee tried by different judges comes out to be the best, then it means that this coffee has a delicious flavor and stands out as compared to other coffees in the contest.

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