Ascaso Espresso Machines

Based in Barcelona, Ascaso was founded more than 50 years back by J Ascaso. At first, he was working with companies that dealt with chrome-plated parts for espresso machines. One of the more famous names J Ascaso has worked for is Gaggia, which is a famous name when it comes to the top-most coffee machines in the world.

Best Ascaso Espresso Machines

#1 CoffeeAndy Top Rated in 2020
Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine, BES870XL
  • Dose control grinding: Integrated conical burr grinder grinds on demand to deliver the right amount of freshly ground coffee directly into the portafilter for your preferred taste with any roast of bean
  • Precise espresso extraction: Digital temperature control (PID) delivers water at precisely the right temperature, ensuring optimal Espresso extraction
  • Micro foam milk texturing: The steam wand performance allows you to hand texture micro foam milk that enhances flavor and enables creation of latte art
  • Grind size dial: Simple and intuitive, giving you control over the grind size no matter what type of bean you're grinding
  • Hands free operation: Innovative grinding cradle allows any at home Barista to grind directly into the espresso port filter
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 1/2 lb.; Water Tank Capacity: 67 oz.
  • Settings: Single or double shots; Adjustable grind amount & manual over ride;
  • Power 1600 Watts; Volts 120
  • 1 Year Limited Product Warranty
#2 CoffeeAndy Top Rated in 2020
Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine with Iron Frame and Stainless Steel Side Panels, 11.4 by 13.4-Inch
  • Ergonomic porta filter handle same as the proven design of Rancilio commercial machines
  • Commercial grade group head for superb heat stability and extraction quality
  • Articulating steam wand offers complete range of motion and professional steaming knob precisely controls steaming pressure
  • Classic linear design fits most decors
  • Optional pod and capsule adaptor kit available
#3 CoffeeAndy Top Rated in 2020
Ascaso Basic Black V2.0 Espresso Machine
  • Filter Handle with Two Spouts
  • 1 Manual Steam Wand
  • 2 Liter Water Tank
  • USA - 120 Volts
  • ASB Body
Sale#4 CoffeeAndy Top Rated in 2020
Breville BES840XL/A the Infuser Espresso Machine
  • Pre infusion function applies low water pressure at the start of the extraction to gently expand grinds for an even extraction; Water Tank Capacity: 61 ounce
  • 1600 watts thermocoil heating system with integrated stainless steel water coil accurately controls water temperature; Settings: Single or Double Shot Volumetric Control & Manual Over ride. Dimensions : 13.7 x 11.5 x 13.2 inches
  • Auto purge function automatically adjusts water temperature after steam for optimal espresso extraction temperature; 15 bar Italian pump provides complete volumetric control preset, manual over ride or re programmable volumes
  • Accessories: single & dual wall filter baskets, coffee scoop, stainless steel jug, cleaning disc & tablets, cleaning tool, water filter with holder. Please note: There is a “Black Plastic” insert inside the stainless steel bowl of the portafilter, this is meant to reduce heat loss experienced when espresso hits cold metal also prevents any “splashing” from the dual wall pressurized filter baskets
  • PID temperature control that delivers water at precisely the right temperature adjustable in 2 degree Celsius increments; Power 1700 Watts. Voltage: 110 to 120 Volts
#5 CoffeeAndy Top Rated in 2020
Ascaso Dream Up V3 Love Red PID Wood Handle Semi-Automatic 110 volt Espresso Machine - w/Ascaso Cup & Saucer
  • FREE Ascaso Cup Set - Includes 1 espresso cup & saucer. Cup has Ascaso logo.
  • New Grouphead Design - Made of 100% solid brass. There is a "break in" period for the portafilter gasket. Upon first months of use the portafilter will only lock in slightly.
  • PID Display - Adjustable temperature in 1° steps. Stand-by option. Extraction timer. Programmable pre-infusion. Alarm system.
  • Thermoblock System - Made of aluminum & stainless steel. The water does not come into contact with any of the aluminum.
  • Ground / Pod System - No conversion kit needed. Just switch out the correct filter basket.
#7 CoffeeAndy Top Rated in 2020
Ascaso DR.118 Dream 16-Bar-Pump Espresso Machine, Polished Aluminum
  • 900-watt 16-bar pump espresso machine with simple Accu-read gauge and flip-switch controls
  • Painted aluminum body; brass boiler and group; electronic thermofuse; dual temperature control system
  • 2 brass filter holders accommodate ground coffee or ESE coffee pods; powerful hot water and steam supply
  • Removable 44-ounce water tank; cup warmer; drip tray; safety thermofuse and steam pipe protector
  • Measures 11 by 9-3/5 by 13-3/5 inches; 1-year warranty
Sale#8 CoffeeAndy Top Rated in 2020
Breville BES810BSSUSC Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel
  • 15 bar Italian made pump starts with low pressure to bloom coffee grounds, then gradually increases pressure for extraction
  • Extract one or two espresso shots at a time; Manual control of espresso shot volume
  • 1 and 2 cup single and dual wall filter baskets included for use with freshly ground or pre ground coffee beans
  • Steam wand for steaming and frothing milk, 61 ounce water tank capacity
  • Includes Razor dose trimming tool, 1 and 2 cup single and dual wall filter baskets, stainless steel milk container, and water filter and water filter holder
  • Voltage: 110 120 Volts
Sale#9 CoffeeAndy Top Rated in 2020
Delonghi EC680M Dedica 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel
1,405 Reviews
Delonghi EC680M Dedica 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel
  • Brew like a pro: Whatever your preference – single or double espresso, cappuccino or latte – the machine brews authentic barista-quality beverages just like you enjoy at your favorite coffee house.
  • Your foam, your way: A manual frother mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth for evenly textured drinks – just the way you like them.Input power (W): 1300
  • One espresso shot or two? The three-in-one filter holder, included with the unit, has a holder for one espresso shot, a holder for two shots, and one for an easy-serve espresso pod – whatever your preference.
  • Accommodates taller cups: If you’d prefer a larger size beverage, no problem. The bottom tray of the unit is easy to adjust or remove to fit taller cups. Removable water reservoir is available
  • Sleek space-saving design: With a sleek profile, compact design and narrow footprint, each model fits beautifully on a kitchen countertop – without taking up too much space.
#10 CoffeeAndy Top Rated in 2020
Dream UP V2 Espresso Machine Finish: Intense Violet
  • Simple to use controls - Flip on the center power switch to begin heating up the boiler. Two more professional grade rocker switches now let you control the steam function (far left) and the coffee brew control (far right). A series of indicator lights inform you when the machine is powered up, and when it is at the proper temperature for either brewing espresso or frothing milk.
  • Quality brewing group - The grouphead is made of chrome plated brass. Designed after Ascaso's commercial espresso machines, the Dream UP group head evenly distributes heat and reduces hotspots for more temperature consistent espresso. It has also been designed to evenly distribute water across the coffee grounds for a better extraction.
  • Three way solenoid valve - As soon as the coffee switch is turned off, the three way solenoid valve relieves the pressure built up in the grouphead. The pressurized water is reverted to the water reservoir, and this feature allows back-to-back espresso extractions without having to wait for the portafilter handle to lose pressure by itself.
  • Stainless-lined aluminum thermoblock - After years of testing, the aluminum thermoblock with internal stainless steel lining of the water passage ways work remarkably well.
  • Frothing tip for perfect foam - Like magic, the wand will make perfect foam. In an instant, the steam wand converts the milk in your 12 or 20 oz. frothing pitcher to lovely foam for lattes and cappuccinos. Mounted on a swivel joint, the stainless steel steam wand conveniently swings aside and clean up is a snap. When frothing milk with this machine, please make sure to have the little hole in the frothing adapter positioned at the top level of the milk. Doing it this way will help aerate the milk froth.

Ascaso Espresso Machines

About Ascaso

As the demand and the number of coffee machine manufacturers increased, J Ascaso decided to step into the same line and developed his own brand of coffee machines. In fact, he managed to make something much more valuable for the coffee world, since he saw a need for repair and maintenance services for coffee machines.

He began his full-fledged business in 1962 and first started dealing with the production and distribution of only spare parts of different types of espresso machines. Today, the brand manufactures its products to more than 80 countries around the world and this number just keeps on increasing each year. This is because all the Ascaso products are some of the most high-quality and professional machines.

The brand has always worked towards providing only the best to its customers, which ultimately led to the development of the top-of-the-line coffee machines that are not only visually attractive but will serve you the best coffee as well.

Best Ascaso coffee machines

Some of the most majestic Ascaso coffee machines are:

The Ascaso Dream

This is quite a popular coffee machine by Ascaso. It was first made more than 15 years ago and still is one of the most in-demand coffee machines today. Of course, its technological aspects have been going through the upgrading process, but it still has its retro-aesthetics. Here are some of the best features of the Ascaso Dream:

  • The Dream is fitted with a solid hood and makes use of the best technology available
  • You will have an unlimited flow of steam with this coffee machine, no matter the level of water in it
  • The design successfully reduces the build-up of lime-scale
  • The Dream offers you the best performances for coffee production; it is fitted with an external display for many settings like pre-infusion, temperature, etc. and an adjustable filter
  • The building materials used to make this coffee machine are stainless steel, brass, aluminium, and a bit of plastic

The Ascaso Basic

Developed in 2008, the Ascaso Basic is yet another great coffee machine. When it was developed for the first time, it was chosen as a trend in the pure and clean category. It is fitted with some technical features that are the same as the Ascaso Dream. Here are some worthy features:

  • The coffee machine is made of the best quality materials like stainless steel, brass, and aluminium
  • The mobile filter holder is fixed, thereby increasing its performing capabilities
  • There is a three-way solenoid valve the increases the coffee machines overall productivity
  • Thanks to the usage of good-quality steam valve, you can get unlimited steam
  • The Basic comprises of the best technology fitted to it to deliver the best tasting coffee

The Ascaso Arc

The Ascaso Arc is a coffee machine that has a very simple design. But do not let the looks deceive you; this coffee machine is one of the most efficient coffee makers in the market today. It is fitted with some of the most advanced features. Some of its unique features include:

  • The metallic body of this coffee machine is made of top-quality materials like steel and brass
  • The coffee you get from this machine is 100% healthy because the appliance makes use of a water circuit made of 316-stainless steel, which makes sure that there is no mitigation of metal in the water that is going to be used in the coffee
  • Thanks to this stainless steel circuit, there is a fewer build-up of lime scale in the Ascaso Arc
  • No matter what the water level is, unlimited steam is guaranteed

The Ascaso Steel

This is a coffee machine that has gone a step ahead than other semi-professional coffee machines and can be used to serve coffee at locations like offices, homes, etc. It features a sturdy industrial bodywork that can the requirement of almost every users. Some great features about this coffee machine are:

  • The coffee maker is fitted with an electrical temperature and filter controls
  • The coffee machine makes use of an external OPV and provides you with a professional performance; the display shows you functions like standby options, pre-infusion, and temperature settings
  • Compared to other coffee machines in the same range, the Ascaso Steel is a lot more of a professional machine
  • With the help of its high-grade shower, you can easily serve coffee that leaves no residue in your cup

Ascaso Bar Coffee Machine

The Bar is Ascaso’s coffee machine that has three different models of coffee machines for different uses – the Capsule, the ESE Coffee Pod, and ground coffee. This machine is mostly used in establishments that have low or moderate consumption of coffee. Some of its best features include:

  • The coffee machine makes use of the best technology to increase its functionality and efficiency
  • The appliance is fitted with a high-graded shower for delivering coffee without any residue
  • Servicing and maintaining this coffee machine is very easy, thanks to the presence of a strong filter holder
  • The coffee machine is fitted with a boiler whose heating element is made of stainless steel
  • The Bar is one of the most energy-efficient coffee machines in the world

Why are Ascaso products so special?

There are a lot of reasons why Ascaso products are so popular around the world and should be considered when you are looking for a coffee appliance for your home or office. Only the top-graded products are used to manufacture these coffee machines. Also, they are offered at the most competitive price ranges, thereby making them easy to afford for the majority of the customers. Whether you are looking for an entirely new coffee machine or simply the spare parts, your answer is Ascaso.

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