Black Rifle Coffee is a popular coffee firm, which is known for employing veterans. This company offers a wide range of coffees to customers. Even though Black Rifle started with only a small number of coffee roast types, you will come to know from Black Rifle Coffee review that today, the company boasts various different flavor profiles and blends of coffee. You will surely feel more patriotic when you drink this coffee owing to its history. In this article, we’re going to look at the five most popular coffees offered by Black Rifle.


  1. CAF Coffee Roast

This coffee is quite similar to Death Wish Coffee. It has double caffeine content as compared to an average cup of joe. Its roast contains Colombian Excelso beans, which are known for being medium-bodied, bright, and rich with a clean aftertaste. This coffee can be made using different brewing methods, including French press, pour-over, and drip.

Black Rifle roasts CAF Coffee Roast as light-medium. You can buy this coffee in two types, pre-ground bags and single-serving K-Cups. CAF Coffee Roast pre-ground coffee is quite fresh since Black Rifle roasts it after you place your order. This coffee is great for those who love coffee and want to kickstart their mornings.


  1. Just Black Coffee Roast

Just Black Coffee Roast is for people who enjoy a bold black coffee and with no or very less amount of sugar or cream. This coffee blend comes on the dark roast side without actually being bitter in taste. Moreover, the coffee smells good. Just Black Coffee Roast is one of the most popular coffees sold by Black Rifle Coffee since it possesses the signature roast of the firm. You can buy this coffee in bags and single-serving K-Cups.


  1. AK-47 Espresso Blend

AK-47 Espresso Blend is full of caffeine that will surely wake you up every day as well as help you get rid of Monday blues. This coffee is a subtle blend of Colombian and Brazilian coffees that are thoroughly roasted in order to attain an authentic bold espresso coffee. The coffee is lightly roasted, still, it’s very hard-hitting. This coffee is great for espresso lovers who want to make a bold espresso cup of coffee at home.


  1. Silencer Smooth Coffee Roast

This is a light coffee roast that will surely pacify your coffee craving. With a subtle flavor, this coffee gives you the signature Black Rifle caffeine jolt. Silencer Smooth is ideal for the weekends when you don’t require much strength from your coffee cup. Silencer Smooth Coffee Roast will not disappoint you if you’re looking for a caffeine kick and still want your coffee to be light.


  1. Complete Mission Fuel Kit

If you want to try every coffee type sold by Black Rifle, then you should opt for its Complete Mission Fuel Kit. This kit contains an assortment of Black Riffle coffees, including Silencer Smooth, Just Black, AK-47 Espresso, and Beyond Black blends.

The Beyond Black is one of the darkest blends offered by Black Rifle. It has a bold flavor, which is ideal for people who like to sip strong coffee. The Complete Mission Fuel Kit contains all different roast coffees, ranging from light to dark.

So, these are some of the well-known Black Rifle coffees that you can try. All these coffees have an amazing taste and aroma.